Do you take the tag division seriously yet?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Danielson, Jan 11, 2014.

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  1. I think it has been a point of emphasis for Triple H to make the Tag Titles relevant again. I have to say, there seems to have been improvement, but has it become something to proud of yet? Back in the day, the tag division was one of the most exciting things about wrestling. Do you think it is going to ever get there again?
  2. I think it has improved heavily over the years. Can it be taken seriously like before, sure it can. But not this year. I think it'll take a couple more years before the tag team division returns to it's former glory, as long as it forms on actual teams that they have and putting them in exciting feuds.
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  3. It's becoming stronger than it has been in years but I'd like it if they actually let some of the tag teams have mic time. Like the Rhodes (the CHAMPIONS), for example. How many times have they spoken at all since the night they won the championships?
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  4. For a while the only teams with the gold have been "special" teams like DB and Kane, Shield, Cody and Gold Dust, but pretty soon the belts should have enough significance for real teams like Usos and PTP to shine. It's on the right track, but not quite there yet.
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  5. In terms of who's competing in it than sure, but I agree with Kevin, there needs to be more unique segments and mic time involved.
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  6. I'm taking it seriously as far as the matches go (it's not one credible team anymore and jobbers throughout the entire division anymore), but yeah, more mic time for them would be interesting. I suppose they'd rather have Orton cut promos throughout the entire show, but whatever floats their boat. It's on the way to relevancy, but more promos would be welcome.
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  7. the teams are starting to be there but now we need some damn proper feuds
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  8. Right now it's the Rhodes brothers just dominating week in and week out. The only other team that has any build is the Real Americans, and thats because they are over with the fans. Usos, those other assholes, and Random teams like Show/Rey dont work for me at least, the flying usos look cool but they are missing something....and the PTP are just shit on. When tag teams were great Too cool, NAO, Right to censor, the Holly's, Edge and Christian, and more could win or lose any week and it looked great. You know any time Dust and Cody get in the ring they will win, and if not only the Real Americans will win.

    Also with Shield around and the random faces banding together shit, we end up with a grip of 3v3 matches that are a coinflip at best.
  9. I'd like to see the Usos or PTP win the titles
  10. Don't want to shit on your point, but the Rhodes brothers have recently lost the following matches:

    -20th Dec SD vs Harper/Rowan
    -16th Dec RAW vs Show/Rey
    -13th Dec SD vs Real Americans
    -6th Dec SD vs Rybaxel
  11. Nope, not yet... As I've stated in other threads, before people wanted to be a part of a tag team, people wanted to share their screen time with another guy and now that's not the case, people just want to show off and forget about the rest. Actually it's looking better because we have teams who don't seem to care if they show off or not and actually have some double-team moves which makes it look way better. With that being said, they have the potential to do it but I can't see that happening in a near future...
  12. I suppose you could say that there have been MASSIVE improvements recently, but proper feuds are desperately needed. Cody and Goldust + The Usos are the most exciting teams for me to watch personally, I'd like to continue seeing them both have success, maybe throw a title shot at the Usos in a 2-5 months after Cody and GD lose it. Preferably to the Real Americans...
  13. It's greatly improved with the Rhodes bros doing there thing and Cesaro making Swaggs interesting but it doesn't catch my eye.
  14. the only one i facepalmed for was Rybaxel. I just was trying (and failing) to say there is no build to the point that even with those losses, the other team might win but it never appears they have the ability to do it. Harper and Rowan i somehow forgot entirely.

    I also skip almost every SD so that has a lot to do with it.
  15. The teams are pretty good right now we just need better feuds and more non-reg 2 v 2 matches (more ladder and tables matches etc.)
  16. I like the Tag division, I mean it's filled with some decent talent for sure.. Rhodes Bros, Real Americans, Usos, PTP, Reigns/Rollins, Xavier Woods/R-Truth, Los Matadores, Harper/Rowan and who could forget the greatest team ever 3MB give or take a few others.. The Roster is not EXTREMELY good but it does have talent, it's hard to deny.
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  17. What everyone else said. The talent's fantastic in there right now, the depth is the best that it's been in a long time, the tag matches always steal the show whenever they're given the chance... but if there's one thing we learned from WWE in 2014 it's that match quality isn't everything.
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  18. I don't know, the only tag team that I actually enjoy is The Real Americans. I guess you guys are right, it's probably because they are given mic time. Well Zeb is and zeb is :boss:
  19. Seriously no? I mean they've had some good teams, but I mean give 3MB at least one chance to build for the tag team titles if you're going to make them jobbers at least make them look like they could win something. Besides the Real Americans and The Uso's, what other tag team doesn't lose to 2 random wrestlers teaming up or the other teams I mentioned recently is silly. I feel really bad for the PTP, they're awesome and honestly I'd love to see a full out feud with the Uso's.
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