WrestleMania Do you think a celebrity will appear?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Mar 9, 2012.

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  1. Yes or no. If yes, who?
  2. Chris Brown.
    If he dares..
    I would not mind see the guy get fucked up by Punk.
    Don't. Hit. Ladies.
  3. Nah he won't be there. Will we get some singer perform like we did at Summerslam?
  4. Shakira?
    Lol haha nvm.
    Maybe a live entrance like HHH had 2 times.
  5. Yeah I see Shaq still being a part of Mania but just for the backstage segments and stuff.
  6. I wouldn't if any one will get their theme played live. I guess that would class as a celeb appearance. Seeing Living Colour perform COP could be great.
  7. Agreed seabs.

    His voice is still great. This was like two months ago:
  8. You'd mark like such a school girl.
  9. Do I think a celebrity will appear?

    Appear where?
  10. At WM @[JC4life37]


    Wouldn't mind seeing Mark Henry's theme live :ace:
  11. Not like he could do anything if he does show up.
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