Do you think a second brand would work for TNA?

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    Alright, first of all, Ignore the outdated picture.
    Anyways, do you believe a second brand for TNA would help or work at all?

    Personally for me, I look at the Roster and I see a bunch of stars who should be running circles around the World Heavweight Champion, but they're being put into filler storylines while other stars feud for the big one.

    Here's the list of the current TNA Male Roster: (Not all of them)

    Now you look at this list and you see a bunch of stars that should be Main Eventing the entire show, you see stars that should represent the entire company and be the poster boy. But sometime's creative has nothing for them and they get kidnapped by mysterious ninja's.

    Now I personally would like two separated brands which can even out the star power, heck they can introduce the TNA Champion and it'll be a good way to showcase fans the best talent in the world.
    It can be similar to the early RAW's and SmackDown's.

    So would it do good or become a failure? The only reason I can think it would be a failure is the ratings and how TNA does not have amazing promoting the product skills.
  2. Actually, a new brand and shit would be too expensive.

    Dixie said she is pushing for the new show because there's so many talent on the roster (50+), so we shall see. It'd be much easier to move Xplosion on Tuesdays, tape it before the live road tapings take place. Easier said than done, but it'd be cool for talent. Feature 2, 3 matches and a Spin Cycle on it, and the 1 hr show will be great.
  3. God damn Hulk Hogan's contract. :aries:

    I feel that the company has too much star power and not much exposure.
    But the blame is whoever promotes it.
    I also feel that many stars should be in the title picture.
  4. I think if RVD is gone, only his contract can bring us a new show to TV.:haha:
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  5. I don't think they should do a second brand, no. I think it'd be way too much work and there's no need for it.
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