Do you think Brock selling that Knee Injury is to write him off?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Super Saiyan Goku, May 20, 2013.

  1. Do you think that WWE had Brock sell that Knee Injury against HHH at E.Rules as a to write him off TV?

  2. Probably. Brock sold that well.
  3. Yeah more than likely, all the titles are well and truly feuded up at the moment, so no real need for Brock at the moment IMO. He's done his bit with HHH, that will do for the time being I guess.
  4. Fuck no..

    Brock will be back in no time..

    New contract, more appearances.. Why keep him off?
  5. uh his new contract is like old one dude.
  6. Okay *grunt* I dominate match *grunt* get sympathy walk *snort* then Bork off TV *growl* and I do job *uhh*
  7. Ryback ? Reigns?

  8. Just a way for Triple H to have something that he can hold over Brock, I suppose... Being able to say he left Brock barely able to stand on his own without assistance, perhaps? Similar to the claim he had over Undertaker after WM27, where he pointed out it was the first time Taker couldn't stand on his own after a WM bout.

    Brock doesn't really need a reason to go away. Kayfabe wise, he isn't even employed by WWE. He's been fired since this time last year and only returned to battle Triple H because the latter wanted revenge for his broken arm, then the feud was rekindled this year when Brock attacked Vince because he was in the process of firing Paul Heyman. If his beef with HHH is over, Lesnar has no reason to stick around speaking strictly storyline wise.
  9. Actually Vickie Guerrero revealed the week after Brock returned to TV that she had signed him to a contract. So in kayfabe he is hired.
  10. Forgot about that. They still don't need a knee injury to write him off. Brock does what he wants when he wants, so he can easily just appear and disappear whenever he pleases.
  11. Not really, his new contract allows him to do more appearances as on RAW or SD.
  12. Before you go any further, remember both of you are basing your arguments off of shit you read on dirt sheets and neither of you have any idea if you are right or wrong.
  13. Well, coming from a point where we've seen Brock on several RAW's already convinces me that he has a different contract.
  14. We saw Brock on several Raw's leading up to ER last year, silly.
  15. Brock has been on Raw more often than he was with his old contract, bro..:pity2:
  16. That doesn't mean shit. Would it really surprise you if he is gone until it is time to come back and set up a SS angle? Because that's what I'm expecting.
  17. not really i had his new contract is like his old contrat not many appearances.
  18. I'm more concerned over John Cena's injury. I cried last night, I was so scared.
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