Do you think Brock will win the WWE or World Title this year!? And Threoy?

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  1. Do you think Brock will win the WWE or World Title this year!? I mean with the way that have Rock be WWE Champion this year I guess that can do it. Not that I would happy be about that but it would draw. His match at E.Rules against HHH that can use Paul Heyman like that did for SummerSlam last year to be there waile that save apparise for Brock for later this year for SummerSlam and can win the World and or WWE Champion and then feud with CM Punk at SummerSlam for the WWE and or World Title. If that book Brock to win the World or WWE Champion how would you book it!? I mean that could the day after he beat HHH at E.Rules Paul could come on and said he queits again and then we don't hear from Brock again and then in July the MITB PPV that could have someone who sopost to be in the MITB match get attack backstage and is unable to be in the MITB matchs and b/c of the Brock take his place and return to win the MITB Match that way that do have to use any of apperses for the lead up to the MITB PPV since it a return. And Brock win the MITB match and then later that night he cash in on who ever WWE or World Champion is wins win the title and then the next night CM Punk come back and chaglage him for the WWE or World Title at SummerSlam. What do you all think!? Good Idea or not?​

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  7. NEVER!
  8. Paragraphs are underrated.:otunga:
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  13. To answer your question. No, I don't think he will
  14. I think he will, it sounds like something Vince would do to try and keep Brock relevant and moving forward in the company. Even though Brock doesn't really need it.
  15. No. He appears less than the rock ffs.
  16. Sure he can and I wish he becomes the new WWE or WH champion
  17. I believe that WWE have it in mind. Lesnar already stated on the cover of Muscle And Fitness a couple of months ago that he wants to be WWE Champion again and Vince may see $$$$ in it. That's assuming he doesn't lose any more matches before then. Who knows how the main event scene with the WWE Title will go, though. Ryback's aura may increase as the year goes on, and then there's always the option of Mark Henry as champ. Lesnar and Punk are also rumored to feud later in the year. I doubt there'll be room for a Lesnar title win.
  18. If it for the World Title may be. if he beat HHH at E.Rules he quit again and the come back at the MITB PPV like miz did last year beat some up that sopost in the match take his place. if he in the wwe champion mitb back it could be like year were ownly fromer WWE Champion can be in which Brock was. So Brock came back to wrestler in the MITB Match win it and then later that night cash in the mib contract to win the WWE Champion. this way there not used anying of his appersen leading up to mitb ppv. then the next night CM punk return on Raw to to chaggened Brock for the WWE Champion at SummerSlam. That could work.
  19. That could work, especially since it would mean that Lesnar can get a victory over Cena for the title, which would rid of my slight annoyance of him jobbing last year at Extreme Rules. But I'm interested in Ryback's current push, and don't want a Lesnar title win to interfere with it. One part timer already got in the way of Ryback possibly getting a big moment that could have pushed him to the top already.
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