Do you think Cena vs Punk will be the big summer storyline?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 29, 2012.

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  1. It's almost certainly going to happen, CM Punk vs John Cena for the second year in a row at Summerslam. Do you think there will be some big storyline surrounding it? Or do you think they just don't know what to have Cena do so they put him in the title picture to make sure tickets/PPV's are sold?

  2. It will be a good storyline
  3. I'm hoping they've already got a good storyline planned out. I want a really good feud.. It would be annoying if they just handed him the title and it went nowhere with him and punk
  4. No it will be fucking HORRIBLE! We had it last year and this year it will ruin Punk badly. There's absolutely no point! If CM Punk turns heel it will be ok but not as good as last years because I don't get how big this angle could get. The summer angle should be Daniel Bryan and John Cena. Cena could put over Bryan like a god.
  5. People are misunderstanding what a heel is I think. Punk being all anti-hero isn't a heel. Unless you want him to revert back to cheap shot attacks and random promos insulting the crowd then no heel turn is needed. Anti-establishment badass Punk could easily make this a face vs face feud we all want to see.
  6. But see ^ @[Crayo] they already did that. Another stupid storyline making CM Punk an anti-hero would be impossible because he's already so over as a babyface.
  7. Not hard to link the stories together. It could be wonderful. They don't need to use it to make Punk over. Punk's reactions now anyway seem to be girls and casual men.
  8. God i hope not. :facepalm1:
  9. But he's a babyface now and kids cheer him almost enough as Cena. They could only make him an anti-hero if he stands up against the gm but still it would be hard cuz it would seem like a babyface thing like he did with Johnny Ace.


    I want Daniel Bryan and Cena to headline the summer.
  10. If WWE cared about Punk's association with kids as much as you think I don't think CM Punk would be allowed a twitter account lmao.
  11. There's a possibility that it'll be the big story, but I don't want it to. First, the same feud happened at the same time of the year last year. Was it good? Yes, very good. Will it be again? No. Why? Because I'm sure it'll be a characteristic face vs face "I want title, you have title, I respect you but I want the belt" crap every week until the match. It smells like WWE shoving Cena down every hole in our bodies just like they do every damn year all the damn time.
  12. LOL true that :dawg:
  13. To be honest, I know WWE insults the fans every week but I doubt they'd have Punk expressing his love for Cena like we're supposed to forget the year before. Especially when every time Punk appears they seem to mention his shoot.
  14. Cena just needs the title that will make me complete
  15. The simple fact that they're repeating a feud just for Cena not to be out of the spotlight in the same period already drives my attention away from it. Plus, if they actually repeated Punk being a rebel or something, it would be even worse, just doing it again, literally. And I'm sure that if Punk became that anti-establishment badass or anything, he'd be the corny Cena Jr. in a few months all over again.
  16. I'd rather a repeat of an awesome storyline than anything else current CM Punk is doing tbh. Plus, it could work really well. CM Punk could say he got lost in the fame and became like Cena, but no more bla bla bla.
  17. I wouldn't complain if that was the case.
  18. According to the rumors, WWE wants Cena/Punk to happen because they don't want their WWE Champion (Punk) to be 3rd last on the card in what is supposed to be one of their biggest PPVs (since Cena will get the main event regardless of whether it's for a title, and you can't forget Triple H/Brock.) So, putting them together is a way of accomplishing that. It's a good idea, come to think of it. At least Punk will be getting the main event, unless they're overshadowed by Triple H/Brock.

    It may also be a way to put the belt back on Cena and do so in a way that finally gives him his win over Punk. Disappointing that Punk's title reign ends to someone he's already beaten twice last year like Cena, but really, if Cena is gonna always be in the main event, then you may as well just put the belt on him because it does the titles no good to have them constantly being defended in the undercard.
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  19. I don't see Cena or Punk just losing randomly, something would have to happen. They're both supermen.
  20. Wild Kevin Nash appears?
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