Do You Think Crayo Is Gay?

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Is Crayo Gayyyyyyyyyyy?

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  1. PLEASE VOTE. :yes:

    And dicuss ofc.
  2. He's at least bi curious
  3. Herp derp NWO gimmick herp.

    Yes, totally gay.
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  4. Updated with a poll, please vote.
  5. Seems legit.
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  6. I'm sure he's a very happy young gent.
  7. :yay:
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  8. Crayo you stupid fag, give me back my poll back. What is Crayo?
  9. Google it.
  10. An incomplete crayon.
  11. Crayo rhymes with Gayo
  12. Which rhymes with Mayo :emoji_hushed:
  13. As in OJ Mayo. Former Memphis Grizzlie aka teammate of none other than:

    you guessed it
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    Rudy Gay

    Crayo is officially gay as fuck
  14. crayo rhymes with faggot
  15. Not quite Timmy, now get back in your cage.
  16. I don't believe so.
  17. How in the hell did your brain manage to link all that together?:emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  18. Idk but I googled OJ Mayo and found this lol

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  19. my name is kyle silly
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