Do you think Eve is a Ho out of the ring?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Donald Trump_, May 6, 2012.

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  1. Over the months I've noticed that the gimmicks of wrestlers are usually the reflection of their real life selves. Gimmicks they're comfortable showing off. AB Undertaker is like him in real life. Triple H is very confident and thinks hes god in the ring, the rock is entertaining and funny, which is him in real life. Austin's character is also like that IRL. JBL is like a bully In and out of the ring. Same goes for Rey, Mick, Jeff Hardy.

    Eve wasn't a very good face, she only plays a good heel, but there a different types a heel in WWE. Eve in particular is basically a ho, which is a heel character, but it's a type of heel character. Plus, when I look at her it doesn't seem like shes playing a Ho in kayfabe, it actually seems like she's comfortable in it and that's her real persona. So what do you think?

    The best gimmicks are when the gimmick is like the real person. Do you think she's a Ho out of the ring or does she just play one?
  2. Then I guess it's safe to say she sucked John Cena's dick after making out with him shirtless?
  3. If my fantasies are any indication, yes.
  4. Ignore Dolph's lmao.

    Apparently not and I can definitely believe this. She's apparently one of if not the most classy divas there is. She's no Kelly Kelly or Rosa Mendes for example.
  5. what did kelly kelly and rosa do?
  6. God i hope so


    What did Rosa do? i need something to fap to tonight
  7. picture busting on eve's face while she has nothing on except for her secretary glasses.
  8. too much clothing
  9. Get out of here boner killer. She got tag teamed by Otunga and Ace & you know it
  10. You didn't reply, what did Rosa/Kelly do? They got caught giving someone head or what?
  11. I think all of the divas are hos.
  12. JBL is one of the nicest guys outside of the ring there is. Guy is just good at playing the bad guy. He's gonna go climb the seventh highest mountains in the world to collect money for children's cancer. Does that sound like what a bully or douche would do?
  13. Just because he raises money for kids doesn't make him any less of a bully. Although it is a nice thing to do it doesn't rule out him being a bully, bullies tend to have a softer side FYI. just like in everybody hates chris the bully secretly loved animals.

    also, didn't he bully joey styles and he was one of the reasons he left and joey styles also knocked him out.

    Everything about JBL says that he's that tough slightly chubby bully from elementary school.
  14. Joey Styles still work for WWE. That was a work.
  15. Why doesn't he commentate? And what does he do?
  16. He was tired of announcing and felt like handing it over to Mike Adamale (spellcheck on that name please!) He is now in charge of WWE's website. Making sure it runs and that people update it regularly. He also hosts History of ECW on WWE classics on demand.
  17. WWE should bring him back on commentary soon. maybe next year
  18. But he doesn't want to commentate any more. He says that part of his life is over and he is happy doing what he does. Why should he be forced back then?
  19. Joey Styles was removed from commentary for the same reason as Matt Striker, they're both massive marks.

    Joey Styles is now in charge of .com, ECW DVD's and Classics on Demand.
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