do you think he made a good point about wrestling?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by James, Mar 5, 2012.

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  1. in 1999-2000 i really started too get into the WWF and WCW. i remeber i'd regurley watch thunder, Nitro, and smackdown although i could not watch raw becuase unfourtantly back then i did not have sky sports :emoji_slight_frown:

    back then i used too say too everybody that i wanted too be a wrestler and star in the WWE when i grew up since a lot of my friends at school where into it as well.

    me and my dad had an argument when i was 10 years old and he said too me in regards too wrestling "they are a bunch of stupid people". do you think perhaps after seeing me collect WWF videos and regurley watch wrestling on cable that my dads built up fustration reached boiling point with me because i was not into soccer like he was?

    in england where i live everybod including my dad is into soccer and mock sports like wrestling. do you think though my dad made a good point or not? even today he says wrestling is fake.
  2. Wrestling is what I love, wrestling matters and I don't really care what other half-breed ignorants (no disrespect to you OP or your dad, but in general) say. It is what it is. Wrasslin!
  3. No offence to your Dad but anyone who calls wrestling "fake" or "stupid" or even "gay" are morons. I've had multiple debates with people I know in real life (and online) and I've not lost one. A simple trip to YouTube providing them clips of some pretty painful moments is proof that it's not "gay" or "fake". The results are scripted, so what? It's the same as saying "Why do you watch Eastenders (British Soap Programme) if it's scripted?".

    It's story-lines, entertainment and technical wrestling moves that the majority of us love abuot wrestling, so why should that make it stupid? Hang in there, never be ashamed to be a wrestling fan! :emoji_slight_smile:
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  4. Good post Cray!
  5. I thought to wrote this too, but I saw some neighbours fat pig running around my house, so I just wrote that two, three sentences.

    Liked for great point and a being a true fan!
  6. its probably becuase my dad wanted me too be into soccer like him and was dissapointed by my change of interest.
  7. You are a individual, your Dad is an individual.
    That's the beauty about life.
    Everybody has different likes, interests, loves, etc.
    That's a good thing about you, that you do/watch what you like/love and you don't let yourself turn around to like something because someone says you have to.

    So, keep doing the things you like, because it's your life, your choices, your soul, your future.
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  8. Post below sums it up perfectly. If you do get into football (NOT SOCCER :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:) support Manchester United.


  9. Fucking awesome point. Bravo JT.
  10. :laugh:{#LeastWeManagedToWinOurLeagueDerby }
  11. Thanks guys.
    Just an sensitive part bout me. :emoji_wink:
  12. I made a thread about this a little while ago. I made it because I realized wrestling isn't what everyone loves. Sometimes people do not approve of what you like and enjoy.

    This is my opinion on the situation:
  13. Wrestling is definitely an acquired taste. I can see why people might think it's 'silly' or whatever, it might be difficult to explain to a condescending non-wrestling fan why you like wrestling so much. But as for hating it because it's "fake" or scripted, so is everything else on television. Unlike the vast majority of stuff that is on television, though, wrestling actually entertains me.
  14. Dude, I'd wear a fucking Orange Cena Never Give Up shirt with wristbands before I'd wear a soccer jersey. At least get into American Football, tell your dad to fuck off.
  15. Some football (Soccer makes me hate people) are really nice take this one for example.

  16. I think that's the woman's edition of the jersey, it looks fitted.
  17. We're all cross dressers in England, didn't you know?

    Here is Crayo.
  18. 'Testiclee' lmao
  19. Wrestling haters just don't 'get it'

    There is really no other form of entertainment in the world that can even be compared to wrestling. It's an incredibly unique entity
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