Do you think IF Taker and Hell No beat the Shield on Raw next week it will hurt then?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Apr 19, 2013.

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  1. Do you think IF Undertaker and Hell No beat the Shield on Raw next week it will hurt then? It roomer that 2 of the member will vs. Hell No for the Tag Team Title at E.Rules. But next week on Raw do you think it will hurt the Shield if that lose since there unbeating so for as a tag team!? Though?​

  2. No. One loss isn't gonna make me look weak or anything. But I don't think they should be losing yet, especially to people who they've already defeated.
  3. That never beat Undertaker.
  4. I'm referring to Team Hell No. They make up 2/3 of the match. Although really, I'd rather see Undertaker and the tag team champions defeat them as opposed to Triple H and two partners of his choosing. I still feel Triple H is gonna get involved with them over the next couple of months given they've already tried to make a move on him once before now.
  5. Nah HHH is vsing Brock at E.Rules.
  6. The Shield will win because they're better and HellNo/BrothersOfDestruction may be a one night only tag team
  7. :lol1: u funny!
  8. I said over the next couple of months because The Shield could interfere on Brock's behalf and lead to a Triple H vs The Shield sort of scenario at the next PPV, WWE Payback.
  9. :hmm:? maybe?
  10. Wouldn't mind this, but would cry if HHH beat them.
  11. I wouldn't mind a HHH/The Shield feud either, except that it indicates that Lesnar actually needs their help to defeat Triple H.
  12. now that i think it HOW? it going to be a cage match?
  13. Yeah was going to bring that up myself. Seems rather pointless having Brock go over HHH in the first place if he was going to lose clean, and then win dirty afterwards. I would love Brock to win cleanly, and then for Shield to come out and ruin the "I tried guys" soppy moment afterwards. They literally destroy him. Would mark.
  14. Three scenarios pop in my mind:

    1. Triple H tries to climb out over the cage but The Shield surround the floor beneath him, making it impossible to win the match via escape. Lesnar comes up behind and literally pulls Triple H off the cage into an F-5 or the Kimura (I'm going with the F-5 since Lesnar has already beat HHH with the Kimura before) and pins him.

    2. Triple H is crawling out the door weakened (maybe Lesnar is climbing out over the cage on the opposite side) and then one of them slams the cage door on his head. This seems most plausible since the good old "slam the door on his head" has been done a bunch before, but the part about Lesnar trying to win by escaping is a bit of a stretch, maybe. I'm thinking Lesnar wins this one by pinfall or doesn't win at all.

    3. The Shield just invade the ring itself during a period when the cage is open (or they bitchslap the referee and take the key and invite themselves in that way) and destroy HHH.

    I mentioned a similar idea in a thread this morning that someone created, except it happens the next night on Raw. I don't imagine it as a soppy moment this time, something more about how he can respect even a man he hates (he could even name drop people like Austin/Rock/Undertaker/Orton/etc. who have fallen into this category at times in the past), similar to Heyman saying he respects Triple H on Raw for knocking out Lesnar. Then The Shield come out and destroy him.
  15. Something like that would be fantastic, but meh, it sounds fantasy. I don't see HHH lying down for both Brock AND Shield - ego feeds his nose.
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