Do you think John Cena can be fired?

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  1. If he loses in the cage match against Big Show he will be fired. I hope this won't happen I like him a lot. If he does get fired what do you think he will do? Maybe he can focus on his rapping albums if this does happen, but I hopefulyl he will beat the Big Show and John Laurinitus gets fired!
  2. He's been fired like 3 times already.
  3. Kayfabe lives? :burns:
  4. Why is he still working for WWE then? lol think about what you are saying dude
  5. Because he's been rehired
  6. Because he's been rehired.
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  7. He better get fired, if its Ace instead i wont even bother anymore :facepalm1:
  8. Well maybe that will happen again if he gets fired this time but you never know. I don't think it's hapned, but if he has been fired 3 times maybe WWE is just tired of firing him. I think its dumb that WWE would ever want to fire him when he is champion more than anyone
  9. Because he is acting. He was never really fired. Neither was Big Show a couple of weeks back. :burns:
  10. Are you trying to say.....wrestling is fa-fake?!?!?!
  11. big Show was fired he was brought back by stupid John Laurinitus don't you even watch Raw thy talked about it
  12. No no no my good sir. It is scripted. Like any TV show or movie. They are part athlete, part actor part stuntman thrown into one glorious mix putting on great shows for us that are equal parts script as it is improvisation. End results may 90% of the time be pre determined. But all the moves in the ring are real.

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  13. Big Show was scripted to lose his job to become a heel (bad guy), if Cena is fired it's in the storyline terms. He's still employed but not for the basis of the story, think of wrestling as a movie. :burns:
  14. It is a scripted TV show good chap. Everything that happens in between matches including match results are pre-determined. The moves they do in the ring are real. Results are scripted. Like any other TV show or movie. See my above post :burns:
  15. :yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay:
  16. I know stories are scripted but if Big Show wasn't fired how does he have a new contract now they talked about it last week. He says Vince can't fire him now

    and why do they fire Cena if it's not real? That doesn't make sense, why fire him if you can just have him wrestle great matches and win the title?
  17. It's all real, don't listen to them. Cena is old and they don't really need him anymore. Even if he loses he won't be fired. :burns:
  18. They would fire Cena to build up a return angle, see the Nexus storyline with Cena for example. Paul Wight ( the performer who plays Big Show) hasn't gotten a new contract the character has. See the contract isn't real, Vince could fire him if he wishes, but he doesn't for some reason.
  19. The new contract is a lie, it's just part of the story to give Big Show an excuse to act like the way he has story. And if they fire Cena, he's not really fired, they are either gonna use it as a storyline for him to come back and attack Ace somehow, or use that as an excuse to give him a well needed vacation.
  20. Big Show doesn't have a new contract: The so called contract is just a prop in the story. Making Big Show a untouchable super villain (Not even the owner of the company can touch him). Firing Cena could be then for many reasons, most likely to give the guy some much deserved vacation. He hasn't had one since 2008 and he is going through a divorce. He is also a very stale character that only looks cool for kids and mothers. If you see a RAW and hear all the soft, light voices cheering for him? There is about double that amount of people booing him and wishing him gone. "Firing" Cena would solve that, give him a longer vacation which allows him to come back as a fresh character that isn't constantly showed down our throats. WWE is sadly trying to build one of the worst guys on the roster (Sheamus) as their new Cena.
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