Do you think Kane and or Bryan can EVER Rise back up to World Champion?

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  1. Do you think Kane and or Bryan can EVER Rise back up to World Champion?

    I AN JUST SICK OF THIS BS HELL NO! I WAS REALLY HOPING THAT WOULD HAVE LOSE THE TAG TEAM CHAMPION! That don't EVEN SAID "I am the tag team champion" anymore it not funny at all that gay bs hug it bs shit! The Tag Teanm is just DUMB AND REALLY NEED THEN TO SPILT UP THE TEAM! And that need to go back on there own. But when that have been to you think that can rise back up to being World or WWE Champion again?Kane look so prosise when he can back with Mask HELL HE EVEN BE RANDY ORTON AT WM28 last year WHICH HUGE IN MY MIND! And now he does not even act moster anymore. And Bryan is just not way he need to anymore then to WWE! I mean that use his Yes against and Del Rio using it now ownly for SI which is Yes in Spinch! I just think Bryan not going do anything after this and that just keep him down and just use him for his YES and NO thing? What do you all think?


    Now really, I think this was only to see if D-Bry and Kane can do something else from what they usually do.

    Now that that's over, on to serious stuff.
  3. Kane been over for year just WWE never like putting the belt on him! And I just don't how Kane come back as the scdies monster he one was last year before this BS TAG TEAM CHAMPION THING HAVE BEEN! As for Bryan I just don't know I still feeling the wrost of what WWE will do to him!
  4. SHUT THE FUCK UP GOHAN! :pipebomb:
  5. I actually like them as Team Hell No, but it started to get stale since there was no real development going with this angle. Daniel Bryan will obviously never get back to the World Heavyweight scene. He doesn't need to be there. For me he fits perfectly in the Intercontinental/US title scene.

    As far as Kane goes, he already said that he doesn't want to be a World Champion, because it is a lot of pressure and too much work load. He prefers to do this stuff, than to become a champion again. And I understand him...
  6. :no: !
  7. Team hell no is stale beyond belief. Kane will never be a champion again, but D Bry will be.
  9. What's with the ALL CAPS rage?!
  10. Bryan is not credible enough at the moment due to this Hell no thing.He will win the WHC again almost certain.Sadly i do not think he will be WWE Champ.
  11. Just like CM Punk!? :pity: ? :pipebomb:
  12. I guaran damn tee that Bryan will get a minimum of one WWE TItle reign
  13. Don't give a shit about punk
  14. The point is people said that CM Punk would never win the WWE Champion and yet he did and have it for 434 DAYS!
  15. Kane cant be but I'm sure Daniel Bryan will.
  16. Honestly I like team hell no.!!
    But that being said they deserve more in a singles run.

    Daniel Bryan deserves and WILL be the Heavyweight champion of the world !!
    :yes: :yes:
  17. I don't know that they WILL, but yah, they easily could.

    Kane has been put through the wringer in terms of ridiculous storylines that made him look stupid (and in the case of Katie Vick, that even contradicted his entire backstory as a gimmick) but he still gathered up enough momentum to win the WHC in 2010. But as mentioned, Kane doesn't want to win world championships. He's claimed that he's been offered them in real life but turned most of them down because he'd rather put over young(er) talent than have to shoulder the responsibility of carrying the company in some regards.

    I doubt Daniel Bryan will ever win the WWE Title (which everyone knows is king in terms of the world titles) but I'm pretty certain he'll win the WHC again. I can even imagine him cutting a promo (as a face) on how he wants to erase that bad memory of losing the belt in 18 seconds and wants to have a more successful title reign this next time around. I still don't see him ever being a major player in the main event (well, WHC isn't really 'main event' but whatever) in the long run. As PSachkovsky said, he fits perfectly as well in the IC and US title pictures.
  18. He got his caps lock broken, you will get used to him.

    Anyway, I don't know how many of you guys think that DB won't win another world title.

    I'm almost sure he will, he will win the WWE title in the near future, I can bet everything I have on it.
  19. In short
    Daniel Bryan :yes:
    Kane.... aww hell naw

    Yall up and done it
  20. I cn see Bryan getting back to the top because he's young, but I feel as the Kane is nearing the end of his career. I say maybe he might have one more title run in him, but I can't really see it happening for him, and I'm not even sure if Kane would want it himself.
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