Do you think other talent will be scared to wrestle Brock?

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  1. Do you think other talent will be scared to wrestle Brock now hes back and considering hes been in UFC and can fight for real and has been a champion there must be some fear to get in the ring and wrestle a guy like him knowing where hes come from. I know I would be scared if I were any of them
  2. If you watched him in the UFC he hardly hit anyone and if he did it was kicks, he's a wrestler through and through so no and if they are they're unprofessional.
  3. Short answer: no.

    Longer answer: There's a long tradition of pro wrestlers coming from a background of actual fighting/combat training (Jesse Ventura was a Navy SEAL, Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar were top-flight amateur wrestlers, D'Angelo Dinero was an amateur boxer), so that's not really an issue. Besides, many pro wrestlers train regularly in actual combat, even if not at a competition level (The Undertaker, Daniel Bryan, and CM Punk come immediately to mind). Nobody's afraid to get in the ring with Brock, unless they're afraid that he'll make them look bad or something. But he's a pro. He's not going to take liberties.

  4. As a side note to the above, Alberto Del Rio is a former MMA athlete.
  5. wtf is this? I'm tired of reading people who clearly don't know dick about MMA analyzing Brock's UFC career


    Onto the topic at hand, no, they won't be, or at least shouldn't be. Brock Lesnar isn't a mentally challenged individual who can't separate one job from another. His MMA career has nothing to do with his ability to perform as a professional wrestler.
  6. 3 GIFs and 2 are G&P so I don't know what you want me to see here. G&P is standard MMA training but we're on about straight up punches. He obviously does, but he favours leg kicks and the ground game.
  7. It's not a stupid question actually, because I've heard wrestlers say there's a bit of fear wrestling guys like Henry & Big Show as they're naturally hard hitters. Sure the punches and stuff is fake, but receiving a spine buster from a 300lbs+ man is never going to be a walk in the park.

    But no, I doubt they're scared, they could possibly be more cautious though or nervous.
  8. So because he is punching them on the ground he isn't punching them? And before the Couture G&P he drops him with a punch.

    Your post was pointless
  9. We can debate all night but in any case the question was stupid because he's trained in professional wrestling and he'll know the difference because he'll actually win some matches.

    Ba Dum Tsh.
  10. UFC marks. The worst.
  11. Yea, he never won UFC fights. He won the Heavyweight Championship and defended it twice by losing.


    The term is MMA elitist, not UFC mark, you big dummie.
  12. Didn't even fill my kiddie care cup.
  13. You act like I care if you care.
  14. You act like I care if you care that I care.
  15. Fact: I knew that would be your next post as soon as I hit the post reply button on my last post.

    Predictable ass noob.
  16. No they won't be scared. Even though Brock is back, he has to follow the 'business rules'. Simple as that.

    @[Dolph'sZiggler] what match is the first gif?
  17. Heath Herring @ UFC 87. Brock's first win in the UFC

  18. Thanks, make that one your sig. lol
  19. Maybe after Nate's next fight, but I gotta show support for my favorite fighter until after then.

    May 5th UFC on Fox 3 main Event: Nate Diaz vs Jim Miller.

  20. Fact: Teddy Long entertains me more than you.

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