Do you think Punk should drop the title to Rock?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. Simple really, do you think he should job to Rocky at Royal Rumble?
  2. No. I dislike a part timer coming back and beating the #2 guy in the company for the belt just to lose to Cena at WM. He shouldn't. It's what I think will happen but I dislike it.
  4. Yeah, obviously Rocky is going to go Full time. It would make perfect sense.
  5. IMO this match should never be at the Rumble, it should be at 'Mania where he could win it there. I don't know, I just have the feeling Punk will retain the championship dirty. Punk's reign FINALLY ending and the Rock winning the strap for the first time in however many years is > than the Royal Rumble PPV IMO.
  6. No because he didn't earn his shot like he did in the past. All he does is show up randomly and now he gets a WWE Championship shot? That isn't fair at all. Even Cena deserves a shot more then him just because he is there every week at least.The Rock should be full time if he wants to win, it's not fair that he gets this shot as oppose to many others in the back who are new and need the main event push, bringing in an old guy like The Rock will hold them all back.
  7. It would mean more if Punk kept the belt till Wrestlemania, because his long ass title reign ending only at the biggest show of the year would mean a lot more. Part of me still says Cena will try to cost Punk the match at the Rumble, only to accidentally cost Rock the match instead, and then Cena wins it in a triple threat at Wrestlemania. However, putting the belt on The Rock and having a mainstream celebrity like him keep it for over two months from the Rumble to Wrestlemania would probably provide the WWE with a lot of mainstream exposure, which they would love.

    I don't mind either way.
  8. if he stayed till summerslam then yes doubt it tho
  9. I don't think rock will go full time for real but if he does then hell yeah. The WWE will be far more exciting with the Rock leading the way.
  10. Beating Cena clean earns you a spot in a WWE Championship match.
  11. Punk's reign has been boring for the most part, so I'll have no problem with this.
  12. Well i'd have to be informed of all the tangibles involved in this, i think i read on a bleacher report article that if he becomes the champion, he wont be able to defend his title in 3 straight ppv's? Not sure if true.

    Anyways i have no problem with him winning it from punk, but the buildup would have to be pretty good, i wouldnt just like to see the title on his waist i'd like to see some substance to it all, and if the rock intends to only come back part time, and not for a full time sort of stint then i'd find it irrelevant to place the title on him.

    He shouldnt get the title if creative cant produce a great thing with substance and purpose, for him to win it without much great backstory, then for him to have a crap reign, and then simply drop it at wrestlemania is a big fat no.

    Considering i feel he isnt coming full time, simple answer is no.
  13. I don't think Punk should drop the title to The Rock at the Royal Rumble because The Rock is only a part timer. Although I think Punk will lose at Royal Rumble to The Rock. So we can have Rock vs Cena 2 at Wrestlemania 29 for the WWE title
  14. Short answer is no.

    Long answer is no, he is only coming back part time so there is no real reason to give him this free title reign. Punks long reign shouldn't be ended by a part timer but by a new up and coming main eventer to solidify him.
  15. Yes.

    It's not fair how he got into the picture, but Rocky = ratings, and ratings = money, and money = [​IMG]
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  16. But Rock is going off to shoot Hercules right after the Royal Rumble if I am not mistaken. How will that make Vinnie Mac ratings with a missing champ?
  17. I don't know how, but it will work out in some kind of way.
  18. I honestly have a hard time seeing Rock drawing ratings or strengthening the WWE titles prestige by not being able to show up for 2 months.
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  19. In time we will see, my friend.
  20. Rock as the Hollywood heel taking the WWE title at the Rumble then leaving while saying via satellite that he's better than the WWE and stuff until he drops the belt to Cena at WM would be OK :hmm:
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