Do you think Punk will hold the title until RR?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Sep 15, 2012.

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  1. Simple really, yes or no and why?
  2. No, because I think they want Cena vs Rock II.
  3. Not at Royal Rumble though surely? The Royal Rumble match sells the PPV, so there's no need to have Rock/Cena there. The round 2 is going to happen at Wrestlemania.
  4. Letting Punk hold it heading into the Rumble would be the best choice.
  5. Sorry my mix up, I was watching the football, and got confused. I think Punk will hold the title until RR, but he'll lose it at the PPV. & The Rock will win the Rumble.

    Apologies for my mistake.
  6. True Story
  7. Yep, then Rock will beat Punk at the Rumble before moving on to face Cena again at WM.
  8. This. Then Cena wins the title.
  9. Yes, The Rock will beat Punk and Cena will win he Royal Rumble. Then it will either be Cena vs Rock or Cena vs Punk vs Rock
  10. its simple cena will win tomoz then will then lose at tlc to punk then punk vs rock at RR so the rivalry will continue
  11. Not likely. They want to do longer reigns now.
  12. Really see Cena picking up the win leading to a triple threat at the Rumble, don't know why but it's the image which seems to scream out at me. Rock and Cena get their interaction whilst Punk gets his moment with Rock also. Think Cena will hold the belt going in, losing it to Punk at the RR after John lays out Rock or vice versa, Punk being booked similar to Angle during the triple threat between Angle, Taker and Rock at Vengeance 02.
  13. Longer reigns? He is at a yearish dude. I say drop to Cena, then big rematch where we see heel punk really get heat, then punk until Rocky at RR. Then, and only if rocky stays....we see Rocky win. If not, keep punk at the reigns.

    Sheamus, on the other hand needs to :gtfo: as this is Zigglers time.
  14. Some part of me says Cena will win tomorrow only for Punk to win it back before the Rumble. I think that'd be lame to be honest. Let Punk keep it till the Rumble. It'd be cooler if someone who isn't already very established (i.e Rock) was the one to finally end Punk's long add reign when it comes to that time, but then again, Rock is the Rock and it means we're getting Rock-Punk finally, so I'm cool with it.
  15. After very long thoughts and consideration on this matter, I don't find it likely Punk will hold to title past Night of Champions. Since WWE most likely wants Cena vs Rock II, CM Punk will have to lose at Night of Champions since Rocky will be getting a title shot at Royal Rumble. The reason I say this is, because WWE wants Cena to have the title, and so if he loses at Night of Champions to CM Punk, CM Punk will jump feuds to Rocky until the end of Royal Rumble, than he would go back to Cena. This to me is sloppy, and WWE would not do that.. but with #wwelogic, you never know. The only logical exception to this is that John Cena loses to CM Punk at Night of Champions, and they keep feuding until Royal Rumble, along with the Rock. Then, at Royal Rumble, John Cena would stand strong over CM Punk and the Rock, thus becoming the new WWE Champion, proving to both Punk and Rock, that he can defeat them both. By that time, Punk would be a strong heel, and probably still feud with Cena until the next PPV, where Cena will still remain the WWE Champion. This to me seems like the only logical way that things will turn out.. Atleast in my opinion anyways.

    Sorry about the long reply, but I have been thinking on this matter for the past couple days, then I seen this post earlier, and thought even heavier into it.
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  16. Disagree.
  17. John Cena injured at Night of Champions

  18. John Cena injured at Night of Champions

  19. John Cena injured at Night of Champions

    Hats off to him for competing the rest of the match the way he did.
  20. John Cena injured at Night of Champions

    Considering it was early on the match also, :yes:
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