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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Samalan, Aug 4, 2012.

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  1. Do you think Raw and Smackdown will become a competition now with a different manager for each show. Back in the day, using the video below as an example, both general managers were against each other trying to make out that their show is better (everyone knows RAW is better) so now we have two different GM's for both, do you think there will be any competition between them?

    Example is here:

  2. No probably not, WWE don't give two f**** about Smackdown tbh.
  3. No, not at all.. Raw is a live show, which makes it that much more better. The IWC, and many many other fans prefer live wrestling events like Raw. In my opinion, unless Smackdown becomes live again, Raw will always be the better show no matter the roster. Plus, with the supershows, you have Raw superstars on Smackdown, as well as Smackdown superstars on Raw. The shows co-exist with each other. In my opinion, Smackdown is so much like Velocity in so many ways. Smackdown is like a warm-up / cool-down show. That's just me though, I'm sure other people will have different opinions.
  4. What I'd love to see is a battle of the brands but with the brand split dying out it probably wouldn't happen
  5. Don't think so. Mainly for one main reason, Raw is three hours now. It would be unfair for Smackdown since their show is not only tapped, but it has has one less hour. I think that they are becoming one whole show again, probally just only few people will show up on one show and few on another, but a legit split doesn't seem to be anymore. They should really unify the World titles at Night of Champions too since the split is dead.
  6. Nah. The brand split is pretty much non-existent except for the house show circuit so that wouldn't be the case I believe.
  7. No it won't. RAW is still a Supershow.. I do miss those days though. Heyman and Bischoff on that draft pick was the best.
  8. I miss so much when everyone was on their own brand :((
  9. One question about that video:

    Who was that first champion Bischoff listed?

    Pen-wha or something like that?

  10. I don't want brand competition or brand interaction, I want complete brand separation. SmackDown needs to become something original. At the moment it's just a tag-team friendly version of RAW with Sheamus always winning and them showing god knows how many RAW recaps.
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  11. I'd be completely fine with the raw extension to 3 hours and smackdown just dying, or changing format to help develop stars.

    Build a tag division and pack your roster with talent. That's just me though.

    To answer the original question, I don't think they'll make it a competition, because they make it very clear that smackdown is inferior
  12. Smackdown is never ever :jericho: going to be competition for RAW. I am disappointed at the General Managers.

    The video of Heyman and Bishoff, they were two great GM's. Heyman and Stephanie were the top General Managers for Smackdown in my opinion, due to the great talent they had during their respective position.

    Bishoff and Stone Cold had me glued to the television screen when they were made co-general managers of RAW, that was a great move as General manager in my opinion as each week was a great watch.

    Now we have AJ Lee, who has a catchy theme tune, but was a dull choice for GM, she had a lot of heat on her when she was crazy and from what I have seen has become sane almost over night, AJ is not a good wrestler, but GM wise, I wished they brought a heel GM for RAW, as both brands (and I use that term loosely) have face GM's, bad choice, there is no battle between the two.

    WWE needs a true heel in the business. CM Punk looks to be the heel champion and there seems to be some banter now between AJ and Punk

    I would have personally had Heyman run RAW, which I wished they had the stipulation for Summer Slam, if Lesnar won, Heyman would run RAW.
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  13. :true:

    It also worked before because Paul and Eric hated each other, so it was perfect to make it way more competitive.
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