Do you think Rooney is indispensable?

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  1. Tabloids, United fans, and general footballing "pundits" keep using the word "indispensable" when talking about Wayne Rooney and Manchester United. Why? Is it just me that thinks that having him in the side dampens the chances of us having a Champions League challenging side?
  2. Rooney is great player to have around, and I don't know what word means.

    But yeah, still Arsenal > Utd
  3. Great contribution to the thread.
  4. Rooney is such a strange player, in club football I think he's one of the most overrated players in the world, but when it comes to International football, suddenly everyone thinks he's awful, he is somehow overrated and underrated at the same time, it's strange. Anyway, no he isn't indispensable imo. Do I think it helps to have him at United? Yes. Would it hinder them at all if they sold him? No. What I'm saying is I think he's a good player for United and he helps the team but you wouldn't be a lesser team in the slightest if he left. Confusing I know but he's a strange player.
  5. My opinion of it is that because it's Rooney, we have to accommodate him in the side by putting him in a position that is SO important to the system and midfield. He is not a CAM, he's a striker. He goes forward with RVP and we're left with a 4-4-2 system with Carrick and Cleverley/Anderson/Giggs/SomeOtherAwfulPlayer to control an entire midfield. We have wingers who are actually central midfielders who can't play there because of Rooney (Kagawa and Januzaj). Rooney and RVP - in important games - can not be in the same team imo if we want to succeed in Europe. Midfield/Possession/Pressing/Energy is far more important than two star names. Look at Dortmund.
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