Do you think some women are unknowingly sexist?

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  1. This is not really a debate thread but more of a general question.

    In my experience, I have known three women in my family alone to be, well... In favor of men over women. What I mean by that is that they will take a situation done by a man and a woman, the same situation, and cast hate and blame on the woman but they will find excuses for the man.

    For example... A man is a known liar. An excuse would be, well he was trying to protect their feelings or he was doing it to be kind. A woman is a known liar and she can't be trusted. Don't believe anything she says. ect ect It isn't just small acts like this either. There has been other issues more serious like rape where it was said in so many words to be the woman's fault or just completely unbelievable that the man could say or do such a thing. This is among people who are known or well known on a day to day basis, not random strangers... which makes it worse in my book.

    Sexist may not be the "right" word but it is the best one I can think of for this situation i.e. women who favor men over women. I am sure all women do this to an extent when it comes to personal relationships but to be doing this with men you are not dating or married to, or siding with a man you have known for only a year over a woman you have known for your whole life... it seems odd to me.

    Maybe I am not understanding something here. So what do you think? Do you think some women unknowingly to themselves side with men?

    EDIT: I guess a more appropriate way of saying this is women being biased against other woman.
  2. There are loads of women who have inbuilt misogyny.
    Girls are taught to judge and shame other girls as well as compete with other girls and essentially always hold men in a higher regard.

    When it's taught to you from such a young age it's very hard to see that it's something harmful.
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  3. So you think these women (since they are in my family) have almost inherited this way of thinking? What you said makes sense.
  4. Yeah, society teaches girls this stuff. I don't think it's because they're terrible people or whatever- a lot of girls don't even realise they're doing it or that it's even a problem. That's just how deeply rooted it is in society.

    When I was a lot younger I used to be the same, it's a difficult thing to unlearn.
  5. Yeah they don't know they are doing it. I pointed it out to one of them about the other and they quickly agreed. Like "oh it makes so much sense" but if I said it was them to, they'd probably flip on me. lol
  6. Yeah, telling a woman that they are being a 'Pam' (everything in the previous posts) usually ends up in them being super annoyed.
  7. I find it strange too that these same women act all strong and mighty but so weak around other women. It makes sense though. Girls are raised to see other girls and eventually women as threats.
  8. Men are better than women. I'd say those women you're speaking of simply have an innate, intuitive understanding of this being true.
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  11. Hey, if your going to go around crapping in my threads, I am going to start calling you Stallone. Freaking shit fetish son. Get it under control.
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