Do you think that Vince..

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  1. Did this:

    Because of this?

    As a sort of late pay back? I would understand that Vince would do that, because he's like that..

    What do you think?
  2. No idea, but that second video just never gets old.
  3. GOAT promo

    & Vince didn't do that because of the video. He doesn't let black people get the belt because of that video and don't say "what about the rock?! :please: " because he's as black as tiger woods
  4. Nah, Booker said that in WCW, Vince shouldn't be mad because of that at all. He's like that.
  5. I don't think it was out of anger, think he wanted to do it to be a dick is all.
  7. We take what we want!

    Sure you did Booker :laugh:
  8. Booker T, I'm cummin for you!
  9. i hope you just have poor grammar
  10. Why would Vince be mad and how would saying Nigga in front of Booker T. be construed as payback?
  11. Why wouldn't it?:pity:
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