Do you think the All Star/Young dogs concept will continue

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  1. This is usually how they have done things since it became two MITB matches, one match with up and comers, and one with established stars. Only this year they acknowledged it and made it a concept of the show. Do you think WWE will continue with this at coming MITB PPVs or do you see it just going back to being unofficial?
  2. Probably will continue. I kind of miss the mix of both, but then I think I love seeing 2 MITB matches and a younger guy always will get a shot.
  3. I don't know, but it'd be a good idea.
  4. it makes them more unpredictable i think so yes i think they should stick with it as long as the right people win
  5. I certainly hope at least one of them involves the younger guys anyway. SD's one has been the best by a significant margin two years in a row.
  6. I hope so. I like using one match as an excuse to push one already established talent back into the main event while using the other to push one new talent into the main event or into a world championships reign regardless (like winning the WHC, an upper mid card title, but still preparation for the big one, the WWE Title.)
  7. It works well and is a great idea. As ppl state it pushes a old ME star back into the spotlight maybe for the final time. Then it gives the young blood chance to run and thrive with the contract and a shot at the WHC the upper mid card ME.
  8. Well the year before that they made it only former WWE champs only, which was the worst MITB match of all time, so I imagine they would be progressive with it. I think it was just a tagline they through together once they realized who was in the match
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