Do You think the gimmick Mordecai could of gone far?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Butters!, Mar 12, 2014.

  1. What were your views on this gimmick, people say this is one of the worst gimmick, but did we really ever give him a chance?
    It's better then he's vampire gimmick on ECW.​

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  2. Nah
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  3. Can't believe he was only in his 20's during this.
  4. No, it was an attempt at mid-card heel but never made anything, hence losing to Guerrero and never really having anything after that. Taker has dominated that field, both face and heel,
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  5. It had potential but I don't know if it would have went far. It looked like it had a pretty short shelf life... obviously not quite as short as it ended up being, but it wouldn't have lasted that long imo. Then again, people once thought the same thing about a certain undead, supernatural zombie/mortician who debuted back at Survivor Series 1990, but look at what became of him...

    Speaking of which, I hear Mordecai was brought in primarily to feud with the Undertaker since Taker had just reverted back to his original form as the Dead Man a couple of months before Mordecai debuted and they wanted some type of new and interesting mysterious/enigmatic character for Taker to do battle with. It could have been a pretty interesting feud imo, but they got bored of Mordecai and ditched him before the rivalry could take place. Supposedly, there were a few religious cry babies backstage - Hardcore Holly apparently one of them - who were offended by the religious overtones of the gimmick and that supposedly had a hand in the gimmick being killed. Not sure I buy that though given that McMahon once challenged "God" to a wrestling match and even went to a church and cut a promo on him lol. McMahon has never been one afraid to offend people if he thinks there's good creativity or good business behind it.
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  6. Not to mention the hottest selling t-shirt in wrestling history could easily be interpreted as a form of sacrilege... it also wasn't the only instance in which particular superstar used religious undertones to give more life to his character
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  7. Yeah, I remember there used to be this stuff in stores (don't remember what) that had "John 3:16... Accept No Substitutes" written on it. I recall this being back around the time WWF was mega popular due to riding the Stone Cold gravy train, so you know it had to be referencing Austin 3:16 lol.
  8. I've only seen the first one :okay:
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  9. He should have broken Bob-cores neck.
  10. Jesus would easily job to Vince.
  11. I was a big fan of Kevin Thorn, though......


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