Do you think The Rock is a sellout like the haters say he is ?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by jminter2698, Apr 11, 2018.

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  1. I don't think so when the The Rock's movie career started, that was when he was still wrestling full time and had not yet become the Hollywood star that he is today. He took time off from the WWE in 2001 (which was still the WWF) to film The Scorpion King (he already filmed The Mummy Returns the year before but it came out during his hiatus) and then he came back in the summer and stuck around until the spring of 2002 a few weeks after his WrestleMania X8 match with Hollywood Hulk Hogan. The Rock returned for the last time as a full time wrestler that summer when he won the WWE Championship for the last time defeating The Undertaker and Kurt Angle in a 3 way match at Vengeance. Then dropped the belt to Brock Lesnar at Summerslam. It wasn't until 2003 that The Rock started appearing a lot less than he used to, only wrestling for three months against Hulk Hogan and Stone Cold again, then lost to Goldberg and then he was gone for another year. Rocky was just slowly transitioning from wrestling to acting. I don't think he intended to leave wrestling behind until his contract with the WWE ran out at the end of 2004, where they didn't re-sign him. So him leaving wasn't really his fault, I think the fans were too bitter.
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  2. Absolutely NOT! I still like him wether he's Wrestling or Acting in Movies!
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    I guess you could label him a sellout if you really wanted to, but let’s not act like it wasn’t his best career move. Also let’s not pretend like any of us would have done any differently.
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    The Rock: Do you think The Rock is a sellout?
    Haters: I think...
    The Rock: It doesn’t matter what you think!!
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  4. Oh absolutely not. Leaving one career for another doesn't make you a sell out, doing something you don't want to do for money makes you a sell out. Rock loves acting, but he knew he couldn't wrestle forever, so he moved to movies with great success. He's done some stupid things like Tooth Fairy, but that wasn't for monetary gain, it was to get his career off the ground, thus, not a sell out role. Now, let's look at someone like Hulk Hogan. Dude would do litteraly anything no matter how stupid for a simple paycheck. THAT makes Hogan a sell out
  5. A sell out is someone who betrays their principles for monetary gain.

    So I dont think Rock is a sell out.

    Cena is a sell out in that he criticised Rock for what he is doing now. But that fair play to him.

    Green Day are sellouts

    The Rock...nope
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  6. No...
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  7. The Rock sold his soul and is now part of the illuminati.
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  8. This.

    And I heard he drinks menstrual blood to stay youthful.
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  9. Nah, The Rock isn't a sellout. He defends pro wrestling and credits it for everything he has in life including being in movies and such. If anything he sold in.
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  10. Jiminy Cricket...

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  11. Why is this thread here?
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    This is true. I saw it on YouTube so it must be true
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  12. But did you see it on Twitter and Facebook, also? Then it is definitely true.
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  13. I dont think hes a sell out. Especially since his acting career was going steady down hill for years until he came back to WWE and did the 2 Wrestlemanias with Cena. It wasn't until after that is when his acting career really took off. He knows where his roots are and who his true fanbase and home is and looks at the wrestling business with respect.
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  14. Yes, but at the same time no. Triple H got him fired because he wanted to be part time 5-6 years before it was a thing
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  15. How does one become a sellout when they are doing something they wanted to do most their life?
    This is like saying Jericho is a sellout for being in a band or vice versa (for being a wrestler).
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  16. Unironically this.
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