Do you think The Rock made the right choice to leave the WWE for the movies ?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by jminter2698, Aug 12, 2018.

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  1. A lot of people didn't like The Rock's decision to quit wrestling because he was already one of the top guys in the WWE but I didn't mind because while The Rock was on his way out, new guys took his place like Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, Batista and John Cena. One of those guys ended up being the face of the organization for a decade, which wouldn't have happened had he not left. Plus the WWE was already starting to decline around the time when he left. WCW and ECW were gone, the WWF changed to the WWE after they lost the rights to the WWF name and logo and the WWE was no longer the adult oriented and raunchy controversial show that it was when he was around. Plus you have a bunch of wrestlers dying from heart attacks or killing themselves, one of them even died while The Rock was around as a matter of fact. The guy fell from the rafters after hanging from the ceiling with a malfunctioning cable and plummeted to his death during a pay per view etc. The Rock was smart to leave when he did. Otherwise the same thing would've happened to him.
  2. Yes he has made bona fide heart wrenching classics that live long in the memory. How he has not won a academy award for his dynamic range as a thespian is beyond me.
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  3. Yes i don't think I would want to be a wrestler. Its safer in the USA army and going to a combat zone than being a wrestler. One of the old PPVs had something like 11/30 in the rumble dead at an early age. If you don't die you will likely have health problems and early retirement.

    Even watching the Attitude Era you see Chyna, Benoit, Eddie, Test, Crash Holly+ others and they are also dead. 3/4 or 4/5 people in the ring are now dead in some situations

    Hollywood pays more and is a lot less painful physically.
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  4. Look how much money he is making now, of course he made the right choice.. That's why everyone try's to follow in the Rock's footsteps, but nobody can.
  5. Yes because he seems like he has grown as a person and is enjoying himself.
  6. Yes. His name has more value in WWE when he does come back and Vince pays him a lot more than he used to because of that. It is like Brock with UFC. It is better to be in the WWE and have something else going on before/during/after runs with the company than just to be focused on the company. Jericho is another example. He isn't just a wrestler, he also has a band.
  7. Yes...

    In movies you have stunt doubles.
  8. Yes.

    He’s making way more $ and enjoys it more. I think he literally owes everything to WWE for getting his name out there and exposing his talent, but yeah, he made he right move.
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  9. Abso-friggin'-lutely. He's making more money and is a far bigger name than he ever would be if he just stayed in WWE until his body explodes.
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  10. Leave: Make millions, gain tons of power, become the biggest celebrity in the entire world, subsequently help WWE by being the biggest star in the world

    Stay: Nothing

    Yeah, he made the right call
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  11. I used to think he made the wrong decision until I found out WWE released him and denied him a chance to fight one of his heroes at Wrestlemania
  12. Rock is not really that good as a wrestler or actor. Its his charisma though people love him.
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  13. That is so true. He is super corny but because he's so confident he makes it work
  14. Without a doubt he made the rught choice leaving. He is extremely successful, much more successful than he would have been staying in the WWE.
  15. Yes I believe so. He's made a great career for himself as an actor. I think the wwe suffered alot from his departure though. Many would say he's more popular now cause he reaches a bigger audience but I prefer wwf lay the smackdown on your candy ass rock
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  16. Yeah I agree with that last part, it's a shame his larger audience isn't aware of his past as a wrestler because that's what made him famous to begin with.
  17. I agree with the Rock´s decision to leave. He was asked to do a lot of nasty things and I think Dwayne Johnson realised how badly his reputation could suffer if he carried on humiliating people, assaulting people, before he beat them in wrestling matches. There´s a fine line between acting like a heel and being the whipper of the company and the Rock didn´t cross it. Better to work as a varied talent, than to be a stereotypical villain who will do nothing but the worst to everyone for the sake of the company´s well-being.
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