Do you think The Shield should've came earlier?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jose Tortilla, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. The whole storyline happening earlier.. Like August/September, maybe?

    So there would be a bigger shield who would take over WWE with their attacks and all.

    Then a traditional Survivor Series match would've worked out perfectly imo..

  2. No not really. These three guys came in at a perfect time. They have a lot of buzz around them now and it is a perfect grouping. Who else would have fitted into the Shield at that time? Roman was still being repackaged at that time, Kruger was also being repackaged. Rollins had just become NXT champ and Wyatt had just gotten injured. And with NXT being just off the ground back then as weird as it sounds they needed to keep some of the top developmental guys there to establish it so that people would come watch before calling them up. It's a smart and low risk test to see if a guy like Seth or Dean draws.

    Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns has some great momentum going now and are doing wonderfully. Shield doesn't need to be the size of Nexus. The more guys you bring up at the same time the larger the risk that you drop the ball on one or more of them. A 3 man group is easier to handle. Cena, Randy and Batista debued at roughly the same time and since they only debued those three they could focus on and build all three of them into big names.

    No need to rush guys up to main roster. Guys like Ohno, Wyatt and Big E will make big impacts in their own time.
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  3. I think the way it happened was perfect.
  4. Not really. It was good timing, and as Stop said it ended up well for Reigns and Rollins. Don't think it was necessary.
  5. I have nothing to add to this. It's perfect.

  6. Pretty much what Stopspot said. NXT was still going through changes and needed their big guys, so it was good timing to send them out now.
  7. I despise how WWE say Dean Ambrose came from NXT, lol.
  8. It's splitting hairs if you ask me. He partook in WWE developmental yes. It has just undergone a name change, he just never wrestled under the NXT banner
  9. So he isn't from NXT. :nope:
  10. Daniel Ambroose* :cole:
  11. Isn't he? NXT and FCW is now the same thing. It's like saying a player for Football club X never played for them if they were to change their name to B in my opinion. They even kayfabe explained why he was never seen on NXT TV. With his violent behavior on the old developmental banning him from in ring. Plus Dean appeared a bit on the recently taped shows so now I guess he is NXT talent. WWE protecting its own ass
  12. FCW and NXT are a different brand :pity1:

    (I'm being a technical fag, but I'm right).
  13. By the brand technicality you are correct yes.

    By the being part of the WWE developmental technicality I am correct.

    We are both technical fags with different angles of approach.

    Let's just call it a day
  14. Even though when Crayo is wrong, he's right.

    If not:

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  15. I said I hate it how they say he was on NXT, not that I hate it that they mention him being with developmental.

    I am correct as he wasn't on NXT. :smug:
  16. Isn't FCW just called NXT now? Or is that just the site?
  17. FCW was renamed NXT yes. they moved arena to Full Sail university. It is the same roster, same staff and trainers and same owner.
  18. So he is an ex NXT guy?
  19. I believe Crayo is working by the approach that Ambrose never appeared on TV under the NXT banner. But if we are to take the approach that he has appeared on WWE developmental TV then yes, he is an NXT guy
  20. So now we declare Crayo is wrong and a bit of a silly Billy, anyway I agree it's just the right time... This injustice angle couldn't be played any better imo, Ryback is fed multiple opportunities so it works on more than one level.