Do you think the WWE or any major pro wrestling organizations should start hiring...

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Aztecwarrior480, Aug 28, 2015.

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  1. female crossfit athletes as wrestlers to add to their womens division instead of just strictly models?

    I honestly think that would be a good idea if the WWE and any other major pro wrestling organizations won't mind providing these female crossfit athletes good enough amount of training.

    For example, if a pro wrestling organization hires a female crossfit athlete like the one in the photo below here, I'd think she make a perfect female version of Bill Goldberg judging by her overall body physique. [​IMG]

    What do you guys think?
  2. Or they could just keep doing what they are doing now and hiring women that fit their physical demands no matter the athletic background. The idea that WWE only hires models is about 4 years dead. Since about 2011 WWE has moved more towards hiring women from athletic backgrounds or downright just signing women's wrestlers point blank. Becky, Paige, Sasha, Emma, KC & Bayley as an example all come from wrestling, not any other business. And there are more women's wrestlers working in the PC right now without showing up on TV in some fashion.

    Add to that that Charlotte, Dana, Alexa, Devin, Summer, Carmella and the rest come from athletic backgrounds. The only woman on the WWE roster that wrestles who legit comes from modelling is Eva Marie. The other models have other gigs like interviewers and announcers.

    The myth that all of WWE's females are just models are largely overhyped these days.
  3. What the divas division need is good stories and interesting feuds with more time. A lot of them can wrestle.
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