Do you think they're leading to a feud between Orton/Bryan?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. I know they were already sort of heated between each other lately, but I've been reading a few things and thinking about it recently and I don't particularly see either of them turning heel. Definitely not Bryan. Orton is a possibility, but I think they could easily use Bryan - the most over star in WWE - to test it out before turning him.

    How? Well, have them have a mix up this Sunday at Payback which results in them losing the title. Orton/Bryan confront each other about it and things get out of hand. You can have a face vs face feud work so perfectly because they're both completely different from usual faces. Bryan is obsessed with the weak link stuff, and Orton has always been the psycho that doesn't fit in with the other faces. You can have Orton lean towards the heel side of it more than Bryan and see whether it gets him boos, or cheers, against the most over guy in WWE right now.

    If they don't think the heel turn will work, then have the feud end sooner rather than later and have Bryan go over Orton before going to face Cena in the summer. Is this the most realistic option? Because I don't see Shield losing, but I don't see a heel turn this week, it's just too predictable now.
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  2. I'm really not sure. Everything indicates it'll happen but the fact that neither should turn at this point kinda makes it hard to imagine, I suppose a face vs face feud could be done. I doubt they'd do it, but they could.
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  3. If there was one, I really hope Orton would just turn heel. I would never want DB as a heel vs a face Orton. :eww2:But, a face vs face feud would be decent I guess. Orton would probably get booed anyway since he's going against Bryan.
  4. Not sure. There's so many uses for Daniel Bryan right now, he can be against Orton, against Kane, against Ambrose, or even a contender against Ziggler. I'm unsure of who Daniel is gonna fight at this point, but Orton is a small possibility.
  5. I think after Payback we will know more. (awesome insight I know) but it can go one of two ways. Orton and Bryan fued due to circumstances that happen at payback, or they all go their seperate ways at MITB and everything boils over there.
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