Do you think TNA is written better than WWE?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by LetMeTelYaSumthinMeanGene, Apr 17, 2014.

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  1. I was wondering IF and why people think TNA is written better than WWE. I honestly do think it's terribly written and they throw title exchanges around like they're jabs. I could be wrong I suppose.
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  2. TNA has their genius moments but they need to fix up their booking, and quickly. We're seeing too many random title matches on Impact, rematches of rematches OF REMATCHES but I guess it'll help if TNA can sign a few more guys (like tag teams, because we have 2 right now and Bad Influence aren't on TV until they'll resign). WWE's booking is more consistant, I guess, they have their genius moments more often than not (for example, RAW after WM30 was best episode of RAW I've ever seen tbh) but they do have episodes of RAW that aren't good (this monday's one wasn't great, for example - it was quite boring tbh).
  3. Time and time again I try to watch TNA, but I find the writing is so bad that it just puts me off. I'm not sure if the WWE's writing is leagues above TNA's or whether it's just because WWE seem to have stepped away from a lot of the backstage segments (unless it's to advertise toys and dvds)
    I do wish TNA was written better though.
  4. They both have very different styles, I wouldn't say one out does the other because I love them both. I don;t think there is any comparison when it comes to both companies. Their both independent promotions with alot to give.
  5. Yes, and has been for the better part of the last decade.
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  6. Mark.
  7. A lot of the time, yea. The problem becomes that TNA's low points are lower and WWE"s high points are higher, so even if TNA is generally more consistent, people remember the bad times.
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  8. At the moment? No. Since HHH has had significant influence? No. TNA's writing is legendary for the wrong reasons.

    It would be good if we could compare the 2012 product for example with the current WWE product, but it's a shame one has gotten better and one has gotten worse.
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  9. TNA should be closed down for how Dixie is fucking up the company
  10. how do you know fuck head? You don't even watch the show.
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  11. Nah... you're totally right, TNA is copying off some of WWE's ideas and isn't putting much thought into storylines... the wrestling is good at least,but i'd like to see storylines that make sense and are a little more ellaborate.
  12. #Remember2012
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  13. #Thatwas2yearsago
  14. no shit sherlock
  15. Alright... after that, anything creative? I think not.
  16. They've been hit or miss since then, much more miss last I was watching. Creative? Yea, TNA does a lot of stuff I would consider creative, but again, very hit or miss.
  17. What time frame are we talking about here?
    Recently? Within the Last 2,3,4..5 years? Since the start of both companies.
    It's tough to say, I mean currently I would say it's a bit better to be honest but not by much; there's still some issues with it.
    The 'E has less Hit & Miss stories that come out of it but I believe the ones that hit with TNA are written better than ones with the 'E.
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  18. As someone who just started watching TNA bar the ending to Lockdown recently in my opinion there has been nothing wrong with the writing. Obvs the EY situation smacks of copying WWE but its not the worst stuff I have ever seen. Really quite enjoy it and see it as must watch weekly viewing now.
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  19. Eric Young has been in TNA since 04, DB in WWE since 2010..
    EY has never held the WHC, DB has held the WHC and then the WWE/WHC multiple times now.
    I'm pretty sure EY just straight deserved the title and the whole idea about them copying the idea of a vanilla midget beating a longtime standing champ for the WHC belts is simply a matter of interpretation.
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  20. I do, but it's all a matter of personal preference.

    I always see TNA as the company who'll give you more good things on a more consistent basis than WWE, but you have to ignore a lot of flaws. WWE is better at making the "big moments" big and creating larger-than-life stars. Hence why Impact is usually between a 4-8 out of 10, while Raw can be anywhere from a 0-10.

    For instance, lets compare the card structure (which is part of writing). WWE has a clearly defined main-event scene, a midcard, a tag division, and an undercard, while with TNA there's a very fluid title picture that doesn't feel that much more special than the rest of the show. While WWE's way makes the main event scene more important and helps with the creation of stars, TNA's way makes the midcard actually feel important and gives you a better TV show with less recognizable stars. I prefer it that way, most people don't.

    Then there's the promo writing, WWE has fully scripted promos so it's easier for them to control what's on TV, while Impact has bullet point promos. So with TNA, you get more personality out of the wrestlers. That can be magical with guys like Aries, Roode, Bad Influence if they would friggin resign... but it also leads to botched Hogan promos and whatever the hell Willow is doing. This is also why there's a more diverse group of characters like EC3 and the *gulp* Bromans. More people focus on the bad, though.

    There's the "Russoness" and outside-the-box thinking. While I'm not a fan of this Sam Shaw storyline, I can at least respect it from being different than anything I've ever seen before. WWE's overly formulaicness can be a problem except when things organically work.

    The backstage segments are the best part, though. Almost every match on Impact feels like it has some meaning to it, something you sure as hell don't get on Raw. Just off the top of my head, from the post-Lockdown ep they spent 15 seconds having Rockstar Spud go crazy and yell at MVP, for MVP to put him in a match with Willow later. So that match had some meaning

    If there's anything other specifics, feel free to ask.

    The one complaint is that there's always one horrific storyline that's usually the main event (except in 2012, when we had Claire Lynch on our TV) that overshadows a lot of the good TNA does to most fans.
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