Do you think Vickie Guerrero is hot?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. It seriously can't just be me.
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  3. I don't think she's hot, in the past she had a much better body, but now... The first thing I don't like about her physic are her tooth
  4. For her age her body is in pretty good shape, that face though :silva:
  5. Better body in the past?

  6. She was much fatter but of body I also mean face and hair, it was better IMO
  7. Are you seriously trying to fuck with me here? She is fucking gross.
  8. I think she looks great too.
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  9. I know there she's fucking gross but I liked her more, she was really fat and now she's thinner but her face looked better IMO
  10. Dude to each his own. i would still take her over Kellykelly and the tranny looking bella twin.
  11. She is gorgeous. Her ass is incredible.
  12. Right, and did you fix my searchbar issue yet?
  13. I don't help Cena marks.
  14. Said the Sheamus mark.
  15. Actually, I'd do that too
  16. Hey congrats on the group man, welcome to, ran by The Kliq. :pity2:

    Seriously though, glad you are sticking around man, keep up the hq posts/lr threads.
  17. Vickie Guerrero's alright, but she isn't hot. I love her thighs though as they're booming and look deliciously sexy.
  18. I'll keep posting, for sure.
  19. She isn't "hot", but I'd still do her for some reason.
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