Do you think Vickie..

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  1. ... Will be HOF?
    She has one of the top women careers in the WWE . She has put young talent over and she has been one of the best heels of all time . I know it is a long shot but I can see Vickie gettin inductee after her retirement .
    You might hate me but I think she one of the top 5-10 best females in the history of the WWE.
    Do you think she will ever be HOF ?
    If u have to mark Vickie's career out of ten how what mark would you give her ?
    Has she been one of the most important divas in the history of the WWE?
    As baraa says .. Discuss
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  2. I'd say maybe, but Beth/Chyna or other Women who were wrestlers should get put in first, since Vickie is only a manager.
  3. Stealing my phrase :gtfo:
    Anyway, She has been around many srorylines, main event storylines to be specific, I can definitely see her being inducted someday.

    Chyna will be inducted at Wrestlemania XXX. :lol1:
  4. Yes.
    She played a big role in WWE, so why not?
  5. :facepalm1:
  6. Maybe. She is one of the top powerful women in this company. But, I hope she will be inducted in the HOF.
  7. I don't really see why now. I mean, she does a wonderful job as a manager and helped a lot of young talented guys to get over as heels (i.e. Dolph Ziggler).
  8. I don't know, don't really care whether she's inducted or not.
  9. Yeah she will be in there for sure but not before some other female wrestlers.
  10. Of course I see Vickie in the Hall Of Fame, you said it, she has been a great manager and she's a great heel. My mark for her is 10 because she has always done whatever is good for business, if she has to fight she fight, if she has to manage she manage, she's in my top 10 of divas
  11. I think she will at some point. She's had a great career but there will probably be female wrestlers inducted into the HOF before she is.
  12. she is that girl we love to hate. IMO his work so far has been fantastic and even if i hate his voice ...We must say Vickie has had a great career.We will probably have vickie for 5 more years but yeah ..hope they inducted her when she retires.
  13. Whoever made an IMPACT in the WWE get's into the HOF. Also depends on there relationships with them after their careers. /thread
  14. Bruno :pity:
  15. Surely she will get inducted. She has had a big part of many story lines and I can see a HOF place for her.
  16. Read my comment again.
  17. I believe she will, while she may not be everyone's favorite, she's most defiantly helped the younger talent draw heat and has always stood out to me as a great manager. She's a feisty one that deserves to be inducted in the future and more importantly, she has a great set of thighs.
  18. Exactly, was only added when they worked through said problems.
  19. Yes she should be as she is a great manager and done a lot for the company over the years.
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