Do you think Vince looked too strong?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Leo C, Oct 11, 2012.

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  1. So, when Vince fought CM Punk last Monday... we started with Punk attacking McMahon from behind and beating him up a beat until he cleanly turned the tables around, he beat Punk up a bit and then we had the kendo stick part, where when both had the sticks, Vince beat Punk up and he only turned things around with a low blow, then Ryback came out and etc. Shouldn't the WWE champion have beat a 67-year old man with more ease?
  2. Nothing new. The older you are the stronger you are booked by WWE.
  3. Yeah but, I've seen him have more stronger looks.
  4. I genuinely lol'd.
  5. He's the boss, ofcourse he looks really strong.

    No wrong booking imo. Punk has to portray a coward heel like he did on Monday, making Vince look even more strong. No wrongs for sure for me.
  6. Well, I didn't find it 100% correct but didn't rage at it either. I think I would've done it a bit differently, but it was alright, I guess. I mean, Lawler also looked strong against Punk in that steel cage some time ago so, no damage done, really.
  7. Vince being booked strong is like a celebrity being booked strong. Nobody likes to see Hue Jackman get the better of DZ or Brandon Jacobs chokeslamming Bully through a table.. but once you see Vince or a Celebrity you already know what time it is.
  8. True.

    But then again, Vince is the boss, he must look strong. And by the way, it didn't really damage Punk's momentum or the storyline..
  9. Nice point, celebrities. They're always booked stronger than they should. Well, that's what looks better on mainstream media I guess... although it sucks for us wrestling fans, of course.

    Yes, that's something I thought about but didn't mention. It's not like it did any damage, so there's no reason to complain about it, just wanted to get some opinions.
  10. Haha. :lol1:
  11. Yeah, but, there is simply some wrong with the system when you have world heavyweight champion.... David Arquette

    You have gone just too far!!!!
  12. Yes, but it was necessary.
  13. Not that I've seen Raw (college get's in the way of that) but based off your description hell yes. But I do have to say it has almost nothing to do with him being the boss, considering he's been booked to look weak as hell in the past despite being the boss. His two most recent Mania matches involve him getting his ass kick pretty much every second of the match (Bret at XXVI & Shawn at 22). Hell a little over a year ago he was playing CM Punk's bitch albeit in a non-wrestling capacity. While being the boss is a slight factor, the determining factors here is that Vince is playing the face and [unfortunately in my opinion] Punk's playing the typical cowardly heel. Like he didn't at Night Of Champions, but did on several Raw's prior and from what I read continues to do so. Honestly, I don't watch so I'm not sure exactly what type of heel he's doing, but that's the simple reason.

    I don't like the sounds of it, but it had a point and it sounds like it served it. Though I'm working with a handicap of trying to assess a situation I didn't see play out.
  14. If you'd like to watch it, the video's here:

    But indeed, the fact that he's the boss doesn't play that much of a factor, it's more because he was the face and Punk was playing the cowardly heel. As Crayo said, he looked stronger than he should but it was necessary.
  15. They should have booked is similar to Lawler vs Punk in the cage IMO, Punk was dominant and made him tap clean in the center, Ryback coming out as Punk had the Vice on would have been a lot cooler.
  16. Vince McMahon is like Hercule in the World Tournament....HE'S UNSTOPPABLE!
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