Do you think Weed or Cigarettes are addicting?

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  1. Just want some of my peeps thoughts on it? As some of you may know I don't do drugs and shit. I smoked cigarette and weed like 10 minutes ago and was like, "Alright... that's it?" Like, wtf is so special about this shit. People say this shit is the bomb, might be the weed I had, but still. I thought this shit was gonna be cray and now I'm typing this. BRB. Going to sleep. I'll read responses tomorrow.
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  2. Never tried. Cigarettes are made of shit. Literally
  3. Cigarettes certainly are. They aren't the same as knowing how to 'hold your drink' when it comes to alcohol, it doesn't take much smoking of tobacco (I'd say no more than a few cigarettes) and you'll be addicted. Weed really isn't. Some people lay around and do nothing but become stoners and smoke weed all day but that's more an issue with their life as a whole than the fault of the marijuana they're puffing. Weed doesn't have anywhere near the same chemical properties that gets people addicted as cigarettes does.
  4. Don't know why I'm still awake. Tired as fuck. lol
    And the cigarette was shit. I still have the scent somewhere down my throat. inb4 Cock/Penis/Dick joke.
    I'll probably never do Cigarettes again. Weed, probably.
    Going to sleep - ROUND 2
  5. I've never tried cigarettes or weed before so I have no idea. Personally I'm glad I've never tried them. I don't feel like I've lost out on anything by never trying them.
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  6. Go to bed Christian, you're high
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  7. I didn't want to do it for my entire life, but then I was like... #YOLO
    Kidding, but I'm not urging for it like I should. IMO it's overrated.

    :notsure: <- That's how my eyes look like right now. It could be because I'm tired.
  8. Cigarettes, of course. I mean, you wont get addicted after one cigarette, but, the addiction comes, and some people flip their houses upside down just to find a cigarette.

    Weed isn't addictive, but, people develop a 'reliance' on it. I have never heard of anyone flipping out if they didn't have weed.....but, yeah, a lot of people like how they feel when they have weed, so, they tend to rely on that feeling and always want to have weed. Not saying this is everyone, just saying it happens. They want to feel good and happy so they are on the lookout for weed, but they probably wont go nuts if they don't get any. People addicted to cigarettes can get to the point of ripping your eyes out with their bare hands if they don't find a cigarette.

    I don't smoke either one. I have had weed before, three times, never again. Absolutely fucked me up big time because of my anxiety disorder and I was at the hospital for 5 hours, and this took place at 1am. Worst night ever, wont ever do it again.
  9. Lol you're baked
  10. Fitting profile picture to your bakeness too Christian :true:
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  11. Ive met a couple of guys who have been smoking for 3 years and arent addicted. Im agaisnt cigarettes I mean. Are shit,crap,bullshit but this guys could stay 3 months without smoking and then smoke. They just liked it. The could stop smoking whenever they want.
  12. Cigarettes are most definitely addictive, like some can get hooked after just 1/2.
    Weed, not so much. It all really depends on the person and how much willpower they have to say no/stop doing it.

    Never done cigs and never will :eww:
  13. I've noticed lot of people don't really FEEL "high" their first time, that or they're in denial "yo man, totally fine! wtf". I think the same can be said for other drugs too, I've tried some other shit a few times and I felt "fine" at the time, but looking back I can tell you that I was out of my fucking mind. So that's probably why you don't really see what the big deal is atm. Smoke some dank weed a couple more times and I can assure you will know what the big deal is. Even if you happen to not enjoy it.

    Cigarettes are definitely addictive. They don't have a "high" or anything like that so it has no appeal really. Well, I guess it can help you relax.. but that's about it.
    I only really enjoy smoking cigs when I'm drunk for some reason. Can't get enough. Pretty weird.
  14. Yeah, the first time your body gets used to it. The second time it's better and the third or fourth time blows you away apparently. - Online sources
    As for Cigarettes, I'll probably never do it again, just cause I don't want to fucking take tobacco again.
  15. Lol not true. It ultimately depends on the person.

    Anyway, not sure the point in this poll. Nicotine is proven to be addictive, and cannabis isn't. You can not get addicted to the substance of cannabis.
  16. ''it doesn't take much smoking of tobacco (I'd say no more than a few cigarettes) and you'll be addicted.''

    Yeah this isn't true at all. I' used to smoke quite a bit and still do occasionally (usually when I'm drunk) and I am definitely not addicted. Haven't smoked in months and don't feel the need to do so.
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  17. You're more the exceptions than the rule. There's loads of people who will testify differently.
  18. I don't think you get addicted as soon as you touch a cigarette like you're making it seem.
  19. Everything is addictive depending on the person.
  20. Certainly not. I started smoking them to get breaks at work (smokers get a break once every 2 hours to smoke, other than that no breaks. Retarded, I know) and I never get the urge to smoke them outside of work.
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