Do you think WWE has Improved now that Triple H has some influence in its direction?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by wrestlingphenom, Jun 20, 2013.

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  1. I think it has but really, slowly. Vince Mcmahon seems out of touch, right now, I think about maybe like a lot in WWE has to change. Its good to see that top star's have and are coming back to WWE as this will help bring back the old-timer WWE fan's who I feel can help influence WWE product. Right now, for all those that love to bash the WWE PG product, your wrong, theirs a maximum WWE can do even with PG product but are not doing, make more intense feuds, how about backstage drama or backstage moments that would be funny, or the element of surprise like stuff we have never seen or never seen in a long time.

    these are thing's that need to change:

    Superman face's- What happened to heel's being just as strong in rivalries, this seems to be one of the worst things in WWE right now. I am tired of having Superman face's like Sheamus, Orton, Cena win every match.

    Squash match's - seem to be overdone at times, a match should really last 5 or 7 minutes minimum.

    Weak tag division - we are not seeing the tag belts being defended more often at live off-ppv events like raw and smackdown. we seem to be seeing less of tag team wrestling.

    too many matche's for raw and smackdown - smackdown should have less matche's while raw should have a few more which lead to the matche's not being repeated.

    Horrible booking - especially for the PPV's, some of the matches are announced at the last minute/moment before the ppv.

    but more focus on middle card/middle card rivalries/upper card rivalries - like more time on the mic for talent at this level and treat them as if they were main events.

    Misuse of some of the talent - especially Drew Mcintyre, had everything going for him with his heel ''chosen one'' character. Some talent don't even get to air on tv but have been on tv such as Zack ryder, etc . some talented guys have stipud gimmicks among them are drew McIntyre, R-truth, Fandago. also wheres kevin nash?, booker t should wrestle more often not just once in 2 oe 3 months, he should wrestle more often than that like 2-3 ppvs a year, 12-16 off-ppv live tv matches, he could definitely help more talent get over, kevin nash should be used more often.

    decent rising talent/fresh rising talent - such as Sheild, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, Chody Rhodes, Damien Sandow, Kofi Kingston, and eventually the wyatt family.

    in-ring return of top stars - could definitely help the company and help rising talent get over. including triple hs in-ring return though its mostly for emergencies, wish he could wrestle just a litte more, just a little.

    and they are other bros such as announce table team, etc.
  2. I agree and disagree with some. I agree that WWE recently has shown signs of improvement, and the product as a whole - even on its worst days - is a vast improvement on the product of 2009 / 2010. Top stars coming back is fine and I give credit to WWE for paying out of their back pocket to bring them back, but they haven't been used properly imo. Rock has gone over anyone and everyone except Cena. It was meant to be a "passing of the torch" moment but Cena did not need it, he already had the torch. Brock Lesnar has been awesome, but he has been used to lose to Cena and HHH... Again, two top stars who simply did not need it. We are finally seeing a part-timer being used properly with the Lesnar / CM Punk feud that is going to happen. I agree that PG isn't the issue and it's really annoying reading Attitude Era marks blame the PG rating for the poor product. Booking is the prime reason for why the product has deteriorated.

    We have seen shades of how awesome WWE can be when they put their minds together. The backstage segments of the early Team Hell No were simply fantastic, and the tag-team was over for life because of those. We need more of it though. Backstage segments now are either on YouTube or the WWE App. Not good enough. We need more shocking moments I agree, but sometimes the lack of them makes the shocking moments even more shocking. WWE try hard to keep us surprised though, and it's hard because of the internet, but no one knew Brock Lesnar was there on Monday so that's good.

    In regards to your pros and cons:
    • Superman Faces - Inevitable. We always had this in the past (Rock and Austin were also super faces). It's not the fact they always win which is annoying, it's the way they do it. The oh-so generic "lose most of the match and then be a hero and win at the end" has to die. Cena is the best example for that. The dude gets beaten up but then hulks up and wins. Not good enough. More creativity and struggle in them winning is needed. The real issue with superman faces is their characters. They're all hypocrites (Cena and Sheamus) and incredibly boring. Their promos are repetitive and appeal to the children, and they all have the same "Smile, make jokes, and win matches" gimmick which does my head in.
    • Squash Matches - Agreed. There are far too many squash matches now that the crowd dislike. Sometimes, it does more harm to the one going over than it does the one losing. However, they can be at use sometimes, but again it is something WWE don't use effectively.
    • Weak Tag-Team Division - Agreed. They have plenty of wrestlers who can fill up this division and fill it up really well, but they are stuck on programs like NXT and Superstars. Not good enough. We had a semi-revival last year when we had the tag-team tournament and when Team Hell No were at their best, but once again they became lazy and let it die. HHH is reportedly a big fan of tag-teams, so the more he gets involved the more we should be optimistic of a better tag-team division.
    • SmackDown and RAW having less / more matches - To be honest, the brand-split is dead and the supershow concept has inevitably resulted in repetitive matches. It's not a case of giving one brand more and one brand less, it should be a case of making the split brands actually MATTER or removing them completely. The current concept is ridiculous. WWE needs to change this.
    • Horrible Booking - Agreed. This is something that has improved recently though, in my opinion. Illogical booking has been around for years now though. Vince I see as the main reason for this. The reports that come out stating that Vince demands re-writes last minute are so common. The guy has lost touch it seems with the current state of the world and has an ignorant point of view. Not much we can do until he loses the amount of control he has, or backs off.
    • Terrible Midcard - Agreed. The midcard is the best way for midcard talent to develop themselves and become contenders for the spot that Cena has; the spot that makes WWE the most money. It's non-existent at the moment and we are seeing ridiculous pushes like Sheamus' and ADR's where they are just shoved into the main event and become title holders. Current talent like CM Punk and Daniel Bryan are great examples of how having midcard experience has helped their characters.
    • Misusing Talent - This goes into illogical booking. Nothing we can do about it. For the record,I am not a Drew McIntyre fan and I am happy they didn't do anything with him. In contrast though, I am a huge Alex Riley fan, and well... I needn't say more. WWE focus too much on the doghouse though. There is no need for good talent to be doing nothing and being punished for no reason.
    Agree with your pros, but I have stated my opinion on part-time wrestlers. They have no business going over current talent imo.
    Nice first thread bro, and welcome to the site. You seem like a great member :emoji_slight_smile:.
  3. This is not my first thread, If I understood you correctly. I have one more thread, here, you know.
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  4. My bad. Well, it's a good thread regardless :emoji_slight_smile:.
  5. Okay, thank you. By the way, sorry to go off-topic but I see under avatars there is something like Money:$, does that mean we can earn money from this website?. If so, How do we claim it?
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  8. Why do people love McIntyre so much? The only good thing he had going for him was his theme.
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  9. A lot of the Mcintyre love came from timing, really. The ME scene was barren and it was before this latest indy talent influx, so plenty of us saw Mcintyre as an obvious diamond in the rough that Vince could actually push. If they would have actually pushed him would he have stayed an internet darling? Doubt it.

    He has a look, I enjoy his ring work, his character has a built-in mouthpiece, etc. Some things to like but with all the other great talents available now and the ability to actually believe WWE would actually push them, I can see why Drew's fallen out of favor with the IWC. Hated his theme though.
  10. I was never in love with him, I just thought he had a pretty good theme as "The Chosen One" and he had a good look. He wasn't the worst when he spoke either, I might have even loved the idea of a Scottish guy in WWE. I don't recall his ring work being either outstanding or terrible, but we all know you don't have to exactly wow people in the ring to become a star, even just a mid card one. Plus, I recall Vince introducing him to the ring at Over The Limit 2010. I don't recall if that was a one time thing or if Vince did it on occasion (I was still just getting back into wrestling at the time and wasn't even back to watching the show on a regular weekly basis yet) but the commentators mentioned he was given the nickname from Vince and it jived with reports of Vince being "high" on McIntrye so it seemed he was getting some kind of push ... Especially since looking back, WWE was kinda on a 'youth movement' push at the time (Sheamus, The Miz, Wade Barrett, etc.)
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