Do you think WWE will sign AJ Styles?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, Dec 19, 2013.

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  1. I wouldn't mind him being there for a short term stint. Give him a shot, if he clicks, hook him up in the long run, if he doesn't you haven't wasted that much money.
  2. Article mentions bringing him in for Royal Rumble. Even if he doesn't win the rumble it would be a huge pop for the reveal.
  3. No.
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    But do 'E marks even know or care about Styles? Not so sure how "huge" this pop would be
  5. I'm in that group actually. Only reason I know of AJ Styles is because of this place.
  6. Hopefully, AJ will make a deal with TNA and WWE will have to look for another man.
  7. If he really is gone from TNA, I don't see why not. But don't get your panties in a wad if/when he comes in and isn't shot straight to the main event immediately because I can almost assure you 100% that he'd be utilized in the undercard for pretty much his entire WWE career.
  8. I don't think they will, in my opinion he's too old to go through WWE's process. He's thirty six right now and after going through developmental he'd be about thirty seven or thirty eight, he'd only have about a four year career in the WWE if that. I don't think the WWE would make an acception and shoot him straight onto TV just because he was TNA's biggest star. Plus, WWE usually looks for people whom are at their prime or are about to hit their peak and let's face it, AJ passed his prime a year or two ago. I'm not trying to say he still can't put on a hell of a match because he can, he just really isn't the guy the WWE oughta be looking out for.
  9. I thought he had a new deal with TNA?
  10. No, but I think it'd be an incredible thing if he did.
  11. No, because I don't think AJ will want to put up with the BS that the WWE will want him to do, like being a mid card guy. He'll probably even have a new name because the WWE just doesn't want to give guys from other places the same name they had there, also there is already one AJ. They'll also put him in NXT for sometime before they do anything with him. Plus it sounds like he want's to go to indie promotions.
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  12. Why bother, the roster's aging already. Just focus on the young talent you're already focusing on.

    I would say "yes, do it!" if they would capitalize on the storyline TNA already set up, maybe even have him run around with a replica title belt, but they won't.
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  13. :no: :no: :no: ! #2ndratewrestler
  14. This is also assuming he would want to sign with the E. If he is really upset with TNA, it is a bigger slap in the face to them if he wrestles in the indies from now on anyway.
  15. No, he won`t
  16. I don't believe he will. He's already pretty old, although that didn't stop them from getting Truth when he left TNA (he was 36, so is AJ) and they should know the guy is ready for prime time. I would mark if it happened, but I'm not sure it will, although it's not a guarantee that it won't happen either.
  17. If AJ is second rate than there are only a handful of 'first rate' wrestlers in WWE since AJ is better than most of the WWE roster.
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  18. You'd be a massive mark for him within six months as soon as he said he was teh best in teh worldz!
  19. He wouldn't get a huge pop the majority of the audience would just carry on chanting YES YES YES. Not a dig at AJ but you really think people less intelligent that FTJ know who he is?
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