Do you understand the Persie hate?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Oct 25, 2012.

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  1. A lot of Arsenal fans are calling him a money-grabber, but did you read the story that came out today? Persie was offered £300,000 a week at City and rejected them because he wanted a club with history. Is it just me that actually understands why Persie left a club that's now a selling club and hasn't won a trophy in 8 years?

    Persie is one of those players I loved at Arsenal because he was so nice and genuine. At United he never takes credit he thanks his team mates first and said he wants to assist more instead of scoring all the goals. Love players like that.

    Instead of just a Persie thread, also name some players you love because they're funny/friendly and genuine etc.

    For example mine would be Javier Hernandez, Micah Richards and Peter Crouch. All passionate guys, no cheating etc.
  2. Do you udnerstand the Persie hate?

    Arsenal fans just can't come to the reality that their club is now just a feeder club for other clubs. They've hardly accomplished anything in the space of a decade. If I was an Arsenal fan I wouldn't call Van Persie a money grabber, He needs to win trophies, if he can't do that at the club he's at it's best to move.
  3. Do you udnerstand the Persie hate?

    I'm really on the fence on him tbh, wasn't keen on him coming out and saying I'm not renewing my contract ( never a fan of that tbh, always believed that it should be a private matter) however I thought his honesty was a nice touch. Messi seems like the ultimate nice guy to me, seriously has there ever been a scandal about him?
  4. RE: Do you udnerstand the Persie hate?

    I'm against it when it's done to get publicity and then money, like Hazard done. I'm not really bothered if it was done like Persie, if anything he gave Arsenal fans warning and told them honestly that he wasn't staying, instead of just fucking off asap.

    Messi is one of the top dogs yes, he's dived a couple times and had a couple shady moments but overall he's the guy that gets fucked with the most and is the guy who reacts about it the least, top player. Real role model.
  5. Do you udnerstand the Persie hate?

    From Swedish football the definition of a guy like that has to be Melberg. Workhorse extraordinaire
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  10. Never say never. :pity1:
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  14. van Persie*

    It was a good choice. Of course, every footballer wants to be wealty enough. Can't say they're wrong.
    Look at van Persie, he has a wife and a child who have to be fed as well. Plus, it's a career move and a new challenge for him to proof himself once again at a club in England.

    So imo, a good career move for him, looking into the future and willing to go for the trophies with Man Utd.
    Also, well class to go to a club with history, even though I'm a City fan, good choice.
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