Do you want Austin to return for one last feud?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Jul 11, 2013.

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  1. We've seen The Rock come back, Lesnar come back, and now RVD; would you want to see the same for Austin? If so, who would you put him in a feud with and what would the end result be?
  2. IMO no i would not like to see Austin return i want to see new talent (i.e. Wyatt Family)
  3. One last feud with Vince might be a OK. Maybe they could intergrate him into the current power struggle storyline. Other than this, I don't think he should return.
  4. ''and now RVD''

    Lol as if this is some huge deal.

    Anyway, no.
  5. I would like to see Austin feud with Punk, they've had a few encounters to set it up. If Austin/Rock happened one more time that would be pretty damn awesome as well
  6. If there is a good story and build up yes and not just turn up stunner someone, a promo on the next raw and then ok see you at wrestlemania.
  7. Seeing Austin come back to put someone over would be pretty good, yes.
  8. If he picked a protoge? yes. if he came back to win against an up and comer? no.
  9. Agree with most everybody. If he comes back to put somebody over I would love it. But if he came back to fight another legend or to win against a young guy it would just be a waste IMO. More legends need to come back like Jericho and do what's right for the business.
  10. Definitely yes.

    But not with Punk. Preferably Bryan, or someone of the Shield, or even Dolph Ziggler. Hell, even Cena.
  11. Maybe Punk vs Austin would be ok, but WWE doesn't need more part timers
  12. I wanna say yes, but it would really depend on the opponent.

    Austin's first real feud as Stone Cold was calling out Bret Hart until Bret returned and accepted a match with Austin at the '96 Survivor Series, and their feud was off and running after that. This is the kind of angle that should lead to Austin returning for one more match - someone having the balls to call Austin out and him eventually returning for a confrontation of some kind. Considering Austin was a non-main event talent when he called out Bret Hart and it was the Bret Hart feud that first put over Austin hugely, it would make sense to do the same for a younger superstar this time around. Of course Austin would win the match but then so did Bret Hart against Austin - defeated him at both Survivor Series and Wrestlemania 13. It didn't matter, Austin still got the rub and so would the younger superstar with Austin this time around.

    Unfortunately, I can't think of a newer talent that would work in this role (Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, even CM Punk... I don't see it.) Brock Lesnar is the only person I can see it working with. Who else projects the image of a tough guy and bad ass you really wouldn't want to mess with than Lesnar? Even if Lesnar loses a ton of matches during his time here (including to Punk, even), there is still no one more convincing to call Austin out than Lesnar and Heyman. There is even a set up for Lesnar challenging Austin here:

    If this is the match that goes down, I think it would make the most sense to have the match occur at Wrestlemania 31 considering that's when Brock's contract runs up. Brock and Heyman's logic could be that Brock has run through everyone and Heyman says that the WWE Universe doesn't deserve to see someone like Lesnar perform and so he wants to destroy one last hero of the WWE universe before he leaves for good, and his choice of opponent is the opponent of all opponents - Steve Austin.

    I'd love for it to be someone else, someone who could use a rub from working with Austin. But if there is no one else, then Lesnar is the best choice, if WWE simply wants a big time match up that will draw huge.
  13. No, I don't think he wants to anyway.
  14. I could only see him getting in a feud with Punk because their personalities clash (beer drinker vs straight edge). They could easily make a story out of it.

    Other than that, I don't see him being able to work with anyone else, really....
  15. I'd support his return if it was built up properly. The problem in the past with having old superstars return a few times a year is that the storylines aren't that well thought out and it takes away from something other current superstars could be taking a part in. If Austin's return is separate from any title shots then that's something I could get behind. I know that Austin/Punk have had some sparing words in the past and, of course, there's the history between Austin and Vince that could be interesting to explore once again.
  16. Yes. He needs a last one. His last feud as a superstar was against Rock and nobody knew that it would be last. So he should have a last one.
  17. I'd like to to return for one more feud. Personally I can only see him feuding with Punk, when I look at the current roster he's the only one that sticks out to me when I think of a Stone Cold feud. There's a lot of things they can pick up on and focus the feud around which personally excites me, so yeah I would like to see him return for one more feud.
  18. Personally, no I'd rather not have Austin return. I'm also against other part time wrestlers. Sure they are big names and I'm sure make WWE a ton of money. However, WWE doesnt need a ton of money, its owned by a billionaire. The part time wrestlers, in my opinion, are stunting the exposure of the talent in the revolving door of obscurity known as the mid cards. Now I'm not saying that there is a future wrestler in the mid cards to build the company around. However, there are a bunch of talented wrestlers who could be a solid name on the card. The way WWE is structured right now, I tune out of every show except the start and ending of every hour as the middle of each hour is just irrelevant nobodies, due to WWE not giving them anything to do. At some point these guys have to be given a chance to sink or swim, and that doesnt mean to build them up only to have Cena go over.

    I mean you have Cody Rhodes doing expert analyst work during a ppv!? He's in the prime of his career, he should be in a match!
  19. Of course i'd like to see it. The only thing is that it would have to be against punk and I don't want to see him in another WM with an attitude era superstar.
  20. Sick of part timers, let's build some new stars already. It would be one thing if these part timers came back and made new stars, but they always feud with other part timers or Cena. So no, he can stay doing his podcast or whatever else he does these days.
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