Do you want Kane to be WWE Champion?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Solidus, Oct 3, 2015.

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  1. I feel like Kane is very hit and miss with people, so the question is simple. Do you want Kane to have a WWE WHC run? Vote on the poll and leave a comment with reasons if you like.

    I vote yes. Kane is my all time favorite and though he may not be as strong or scary has early 2000s Kane, I still can't help but like him. He also deserves it imo.
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  2. Kane deserves one last run as a world champion. His World Heavyweight run back in 2010, was really entertaining but they fucked it up by making him a scared little bitch...from Edge. I'm sure if he returned to his roots of kicking ass and leaving, than it would be a sight to see. Unless that, well keep him away.
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  3. He should get one, we don't know how much longer he is gonna be around. He only had one reign in 1998 that only lasted under a day. Then he had his WH reign in 2010, which was freaking awesome and his character was amazing. But he should be rewarded a brief reign for all his work.
  4. About as much as I want railroad spikes shoved into my feet.

    So no. Kane is old, wrecked from years of ring work and an old relic of the past. Relying on guys like Kane is part of why the product is as bad as it is.
  5. Why would anyone want that? The Kane character in his prime was one of my all-time favorites and I have been enjoying how this whole story with Rollins has been playing out, but no. Even if he did win it, he'd only get as far as beating Seth in a rematch before Sheamus cashed in on him, so he wouldn't have much of a run with it anyway. I can't see much chance of it happening either, since they're having Seth retain against every credible challenger he can - the man he replaced in The Authority Randy Orton, his former Shield brethrens Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose, Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Sting - in an effort to make his title reign seem as 'legendary' as possible. I don't see the road stopping with Kane.

    The WWE Title scene is looking so bleak right now. It's either more of Rollins' stale reign, Kane carrying the strap, or Sheamus cashing in.
  6. Well, I have no reason to not like the idea. Kane is like-able, good on the stick, is nearly 7 feet and isn't corny caricature like Seth Rollins.
    If I were flipping through the channels and came upon Kane holding the strap I would put down the clicker.
    Rollins has no downside, is safe, does everything well and is absolutely gifted in the ring. Great, he's HBK circa 1995 (without the drama).
    Provided he remains masked, Kane be an ideal choice to mix things up. Then again, why mix things up when being stale resulted in Vince becoming a billionaire again.

    The best part about Kane, in my view, is that the essence of his character is still violent and fiery. I vote yes.

    Edit: I'm ready for a babyface champion. WWE is relying too heavily on this heel bullsh*t. Just because Sin Cara was worthless and Kharma got pregnant at the wrong time doesn't mean not to take any risks at all whatsoever. If they really intend to break Punk's record, it shows how truly insecure these nutbags really are. What happens when Nikki Bella bounces? What if Rollins gets into a car accident and somebody else dies as a result?
  7. My answer is LOL, nope.
  8. I'll say that his character has been somewhat entertaining as of late, but that's not enough to warrant a title run. Especially the main title on top of it all. And just because it may be his last couple of years in the company doesn't mean he should get one last world title run either. The roster has been so bulky as of late and it's only going to get more stacked. To see someone like Kane, Show, Undertaker, or even Sting with the main prize at this point in time is just... not cool, man
  9. I begrudgingly voted yes, as a surprising moment would be nice, as would a different direction for Seth
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    I am afraid of fan reactions, so no. I feel like wwe wouldn't be balsy enough to keep kane champion for more than a month if it were to happen.

    On the flipside, I do want kane to create a legendary record of 17 years between title runs, so it might be worth it for that alone. And I also think kane is one lovable bastard, and seeing as I am a relatively new wrestling fan(4 or something years) I never got to see him being at the top even if just for a few minutes, so It's new to me.
  11. He should have already held it more than once to say the least. Dude hasn't had it since 1999 and when I found this out, I was honestly disappointed.
  12. Nah. I mean, he could be a transitional champion just for that last run and I'd be fine with that. Like a thank you for competing with us for nearly two decades. Other than that, I don't really want to see him in a long term championship role.
  13. Slightly off topic, but is there any intrigue in Kane vs Balor at Wrestlemania?
  14. Not from me.
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  15. Finn vs anyone >>> Finn vs Kane or Show
  16. Not unless one of them is heel. So no.
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