Do you want Punk or Bryan to come out as champion?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, May 25, 2012.

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  1. At No Way Out they're going to be facing off for the title yet again and likely with some involvement from Kane (I hope not). Who do you want to leave No Way Out as champion? Do you think Kane's involvement is only there to give Bryan the dirty win?

    Let's discuss. :dawg:
  2. Why is Kane going to interfere? I thought he was retiring. And Bryan should be champion and makes Punk his bitch. Then the real niggas Bryan and Lesnar can have a MAN's feud. :obama::dawg: That's when shit'll get real.
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  3. I want Bryan to win and come out as champ. Punk can feud with Rhodes and Bryan with Lesnar (a little bit later on). Kane can retire.
  4. as much as i hate Bryan, i'd like him winning coz the storyline will improve a little.
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  5. At this point, Bryan. Punk's title reign has sort of run it's course. They might as well put the belt on Bryan to sort of capitalize on his popularity. I also seriously doubt we're seeing Bryan/Lesnar at any point.
  6. Definitely Bryan. Punks reign has grown stale and if Punk gets the title from him these two could have a great rivalry like the one between Rock and Triple H, Cena and Edge and many others. It would make Punk interesting again. Keep the interest in Bryan going and a intense feud about the WWE championship would legitimize it.
  7. Yes, a Punk vs Bryan feud should have the spotlight and be given a lot of time. It would save WWE, they could book whatever they wanted on the midcard, this would make people watch and every show would have at least one good segment.
  8. I'd have Bryan win at No Way Out, defend it against Punk again at MITB (so that's three PPV matches = cummable) then faces Lesnar at Summerslam. But because big nose HHH wants to fap over his ego some more, we won't get that. So I'd probably have Punk win at No Way Out unfairly (Kane interruption on Bryan, or a bad ref call), build the feud up as Punk getting lucky breaks in a real close wrestling encounter. Bryan then wins it at MITB but the match yet again ends in an unfair ref call; or something, all the while the feud is getting much more intense/personal so the final match at Summerslam which steals the show is a no DQ match or some other stipulation which allows anything so the match will be another 5 star match and definite MOTY. That way Lesnar/HHH can finish there and then at Summerslam by Lesnar winning. He challenges Daniel Bryan in an MMA-style feud which turns Daniel Bryan a face.
  9. Book it WWE! :yes:

  11. At this point I would take anyone besides Punk as champion. He is fucking BORING
  12. Khali. :urm:
  13. Gladly. Then I could stop watching WWE altogether and their ratings would be lower than ever.
  14. I'd do that too. I endured a lot, but watching Khali as champ is not an option. Punk losing the title would be a good thing, though. :dawg:
  15. Punk should drop the belt to santino in an accidental pin!
  16. Bob Backlund should return and win the title. :sad:

    Or maybe HHH should just do what he does best while taking the title. :bury:
  17. Bryan for sure.
    I'm so done with Punk's reign, it needs to end asap.
    I hope Bryan will take it at No Way Out, it would refresh the whole thing.
    I like title changes tbh, all these long ass reigns are boring.
  18. My real thoughts exactly. Except that I don't find long reigns in general boring, but Punk's certainly is.
  19. Bryan. I miss him championship reign.
  20. Long reigns aren't boring, boring reigns are boring. There are plenty of examples of long reigns being great.
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