Do you want Shield to continue?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 15, 2013.

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  1. Or would you want them to start disbanding after jobbing to The Avengers at Wrestlemania? There are pros and cons for both sides in my opinion; curious to see what you guys think.
  2. Unless they come up with something new for them to do, it'd be nice to see them split and start on their own careers. This could be the quickest and easiest way to beef up the mid card division for now whilst they work their way up to the main event. IMO it's shades of Cena/Orton/Batista as new guys who worked their way up at the same time. Pretty similar personas too Rollins=Cena (smiley face) Ambrose=Orton (sadistic heel) Reigns=Batista (can be a heel or face squash machine).
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  3. If they get that big Wrestlemania win, that'd be great. I hate how they randomly threw in Ryback though, such a bummer. I still have hopes they take Ryback out of the match.

    If not, I'd say they disband during the summer for the summer storyline.
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  4. The Summer of Ambrose has me interested.
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  5. :fap:

    Would be incredible.
  6. :obama:

    Trying to think how to book it, all I have is him beating Cena at Summerslam thus far for the title.
  7. I'd let them continue, I like watching them but not attacking the entire roster, I like watching them fight
  8. I'd let them stay :emoji_slight_smile:, Just make them have more normal matches along with doing random attacks.
  9. I absolutely hate the idea of them immediately starting to split up after their first loss for a couple of reasons. For one, that makes the reason from them splitting up the loss, which will bring me to my second reason in a second, which is easily one of the most generic ways to break them up. They actually have on their hands, a gimmick, a team that will allow a more creative way to end their alliance. Ask Stopspot, he suggest three different ways in which they can break up, all of which are more creative and beneficial then the main reason for their break up being their first loss.

    Which brings me to number two, the best thing about The Shield is that they actually feel like a cohesive unit. The reason I disliked Nexus, for the most part, was that despite their theme claiming "they are one" they never felt like one. They always felt like Wade Barrett's team. Barrett was the clear cut leader, it was obviously a vehicle for him more than anything else. And also, several of the superstars in Nexus never really got to shine any kind of personality. The only ones that really did off the top of my head was Barrett & Otunga. With The Shield, that's not the case. We may be most impressed with Ambrose, I know he stands out the most to me, but The Shield come across as one. They come across as equal. And they do so without sacrificing their individual characters, it's awesome. When Nexus started crumbling after their SummerSlam match, where they decided they had to weed out the weak, that works. The Shield seem like a stronger bond. The Shield shouldn't succumb to one loss, they shouldn't place doubt on each-other's ability.

    I certainly would be cool with the Summer of Ambrose idea, and that's probably the best time for them to do it honestly.
  10. I just want to say that I have expected The shield to lose almost every match they've been in, they haven't lost yet. I'm actually expecting them to win at mania, and continue this dominance on everyone.

    So naturally it will happen the exact opposite way.
  11. I'm quite bored with this Ryback stuff .
    I think they should be more edgy I mean , puttin people trough tables , backstage stuff etc .
    Then just wrestle at EC against Midcard guys , get the win and then gradually split .
    Mayyybe.. Reigns and Rollins at the Tag championship and Ambrose for the IC .. But still together till they feud each other at WM30 for the IC championship
  12. Another case of "weird open ended question" that I'm just going to answer by rambling:

    I'd love to see it not end at WM, well, love to see them not lose anyway.

    Since the babyface team has done nothing but tease tension, would be great to see The Shield go over just to make the babyfaces actually feel like "Crap, we may actually have to get along to defeat these guys", making the moment when the Avengers actually win (or one of them turn heel) feel fulfilling (or dastardly). But we all know WWE won't do that since they have a bunch of 12-year-olds booking this shit and will just pay off this angle before making it feel important.

    Speaking of feeling important, at least the Shield do. Hope this lasts until the summer storyline when they finally get their contracts (Yeah, WWE kayfabe logic has gotten that bad so my fantasy booking can be too) and all go after belts and stuff, possibly even having a mutual parting of the ways. Ambrose goes after Foley or HHH or some other legend and retires him, Rollins takes on Ziggler/Bryan for the WHC, and Reigns feuds with an upper mid-carder like a Ryback or Sheamus. Either way, having all three of these guys in separate PPV matches makes a card look so damn good.
  13. Are they actually called the Avengers? I sense the answer is no but it could be hilarious if so.
  14. Irosheauman
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  15. Jericho could be Black Widow

    Anyway yeah I want them to continue before Ambrose breaks out and takes the strap becoming more and more paranoid as Rollins goes face after winning the rumble.
  16. Honestly, I am growing bored with them. I hope after WM they begin to let them split up or change it up some how.
  17. Well, I don't know. Recalling Stop's ideas on how to break them up makes me want them to win, but they won't do those ideas because they're good and logical, so I guess we'll have to settle for a loss at the big stage and the start of a break up.
  18. I'm enjoying The Shield a lot. I hope they don't disband for a while.
  19. I'd like to see them win at WM. Don't care when they split up, they're 3 solid mid-carders.
  20. THeir finishers are boring.
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