Do you want there to be life after death?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Rysenberg, Nov 14, 2012.

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  1. I know Crayo made a thread related to the subject a few months ago, but I'm not interested in whether you believe in it or not.

    Would you WANT to live eternally? Or would you rather just die and that be the end of it? Neither seems particularly appealing to me, but which makes you happier? I would prefer the latter I think, it's human nature to want more than you already have in life and I think if you were to live for a thousand years then you would get to the point where you could not achieve any more.

  2. Have you seen "the green mile"? I think the same, I want to die when I've accomplished with all my goals in life.
  3. Same. There is a chance that when I go on my cruise, the ship may sink. Carnival cruises have been shrinking lately. I DON'T WANNA DIE I WANNA GROW UP IM NOT EVEN GROWN :upset:
  4. Honestly? No, I don't like this feeling of it'll all come together after death and this life is just a placeholder.

    This comment from R/Atheism oddly sums it up better than I ever could (I usually just browse their occasionally when I'm bored as it's usually full of arrogance but it does hit home at some points.)

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  5. Seems like a nice idea, but it also seems like it would get rather boring to live for an eternity, even with "eternal bliss" or whatever. Unless I'm in a constant orgasm, then probably not, and even then I'm sure it would get annoying/redundant at some point. Lol
    Kind of silly, really.

    I rather just disappear. I'd be more upset knowing that when I die I'll leave behind loved ones in grief and whatnot (inb4 no one loves me), I'd be more upset about that. "Knowing" or believing that I'm just going to be gone, for good, doesn't upset me too much. Though obviously I'd prefer to stay alive, lol. Fear of Death is natural, every living thing wants to stay alive.

    "No happy ending". I don't need one, I fap if I want "happy endings".
  6. Nice. Liked.
  7. I disagree with that. Whilst it's highly improbable to have any form of existence after death, there is no definite proof. There are lots of stories and unexplained instances that supports the theory of "something after death", whether it's life or any form of existence or influence. My point is, I dislike how that article speaks as if it's fact, but I would expect nothing less from proud atheists anyway.

    Would I want to have a form of life after this one? If it meant seeing those who meant the world to me in this one, then yes. It's human instinct to want to live as long as possible and survive. Those who say they want no life after this one, or that this one doesn't hold any particular value, I guarantee they will run for their lives if there was a scenario where they could possibly die this very minute.
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  8. It isn't an article, it's a comment on an atheism subreddit. It's just a belief put down on a picture.

    I would run if my life was in danger however I wouldn't take an immortality pill either in all honesty, I'm comfortable with it all ending just not today.
  9. An immortality pill could mean anything. I agree with the stance of not wanting to live on this earth forever; constantly seeing those close to you die would be soul destroying. However, if I knew there was some spiritual world where negativeness doesn't exist, and that you could see/get in touch with your past loved ones, then I would for sure want to go there.
  10. If the after life has Jimi Hendrix then I'm all for it. As silly as it sounds, if it doesn't have any musician I look up to, or any family, then I don't really care for it then. I don't need a afterlife with a bunch of random ass people.
  11. No. Do you now how long eternity is? I don't want to be around that long. I hope, and expect, that death is just like before you were born. Nothingness.
  12. Good post.

    I think the idea of life after death helps a lot of people cope with loss. When I deal with loss it is a very surreal feeling because in my mind I will never see that person again, but everyone around me says things like "they are in a better place" or talk about meeting them in the afterlife.
  13. I'm not really sure what I believe in. I was born and raised with the concept that there is a heaven and a hell but I think it's best to live your life to the best of your ability with dignity, respect, and fulfillment and to be open to whatever happens next. I think an afterlife is one way to look at it but I have no way of knowing if that's what really happens or not. We'll only know once it's our time to go.
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  14. Yes, because the world and life in general are fucked up. There has to be an afterlife. If not then why does this life exist? I think every human being secretly wants there to be a heaven. But they're not sure if they should believe. But if we're here right now on earth, why can't we be somewhere else when we die? Why does it have to end for us? Logically you can say there is no afterlife, but philosophically you can argue against it. I believe there's an ultimate truth that exists. We're here for a reason. The world isn't perfect for a reason, but When it's all said and done your faith will be rewarded.

    I lot of people I know personally stop believing in god because they went through something that scarred them for life. I think as human beings, we want to get to where the suffering ends. Which is why people are always striving for something better, getting more money so they can live more comfortable, different people also have sex for different reasons, some do it because it makes them happy, some women do it because they have daddy issues and try to get love from other men. But as human beings there's always something we want that we feel will make our lives more perfect and less hard. That's just how god created man. But we all know this life will end. Secretly, we all want an "End Reward". Because life is a journey, and journeys are always meant for something and have a desirable destination. Dying and ceasing to exist isn't a destination. If we exist now, why would we one day cease to? It's really just all about faith. You either believe or you don't.
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