WrestleMania Do you want to see Bray vs Cena?

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  1. Is that the best feud for Bray at this time in his career? You pretty much know Cena will go over, but we can probably be certain the match itself will be pretty awesome.

    I've not read many reports lately about Cena's injury and where the match with Bray stands, so if there's any news regarding that then feel free to mention it, but this thread is assuming that the match does indeed go ahead.
  2. Even if some don't want to see this match, eventually they will cause it's obviously being set up already...

    On another note, what I would love to see is another Wyatts vs Shield battle in a TLC match. I know they don't do those anymore but, man, wouldn't that be massive?
  3. So it's looking mostly like it is in fact a work to make him look like he doesn't stand a chance, but like you mentioned this will most likely lead to a Cena win being WWE's Superman and all.
  4. Can't really complain. Who else is there left for Cena to face without it being a dull rematch besides Taker? It could main-event a second rate PPV. I'm sure the match itself will deliver in terms of quality.

    I wouldn't assume Cena is winning. The Wyatts have just gone over Bryan and The Shield, while Cena is on a losing streak. At this point I'd predict a Bray win through interference.

    @Crayo should each WM match have its own thread? I'll do them.
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  5. Bray vs. Cena will be epic for 2 reason.
    1. Bray will have an opportunity, on the grandest stage of them all, to face the biggest face of the company. It'll make him look like the ultimate bad guy.
    2. Cena will be facing the upcoming big heel of the future. It's something different for Cena. Big match, yet he's out of the title picture.

    Bray doesn't need to win at this point. In fact, I'm sure he'll lose. Him facing the biggest star in the company will be enough to put him over. I can't wait for this match. Good contrast of styles. Should get the crowd into it.
  6. I get where you're coming from on this; idk just the fact they're trying to work in an injury on Cena to the angle leads me to believe they are going to have him superman his way out of the situation.
  7. Cena will win this match...any bets?
  8. It'll be a great match and if we can't have Taker vs Cena (which I originally wanted for WM30) then a feud with Bray Wyatt would just be fantastic. I have a feeling Harper and Rowan will be tagging vs two members of the Shield (as per my WM30 predictions) so no chance of interferance there - meaning Bray will most likely pin Cena clean. Harper and Rowan could come out and tease it, but The Shield level the playing field but leave as soon as they've gotten rid of Harper and Rowan.
  9. No idea where you got Cena is winning from, I'm pretty sure Wyatt's gonna win.
  10. I didn't get it from anywhere.....im just stating that I feel Cen will win...but barely...and look like hero then fight Bray again at Extreme Rules and lose.
  11. This was aimed at OP.
  12. Oh sorry. But regardless, Cena will win :angry:
  13. He might win at ER, but not WM.
  14. how dare you defy my skills about being right....can we make a cyber bet on this?
  15. Hell yes I do, and I expect Bray to win with some assistance. Them carrying Cena out of WM could give Cena some time off for his groin issues (or whatever it is now) and would give Cena a babyface return to face Bray at Summerslam, going over then.

    Just wishful thinking.
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  16. This is actually a terrific plan. It's exactly how I would book it, in fact, if the word about Cena's groin injury is correct.

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  17. Well I guess I mean the rivalry has been going on for like what 2 weeks? theres not really a story there and with Cena's injury the Match probably wont be that long and interesting
  18. Why does everyone need a 2-3 month build? Everything Bray said about DB is 100x better used on Cena, he is the literal face of the company and the promos have already been great. I bet the match is 12 minutes or so, and that is plenty. Super Cena will come out and the Wyatt family will run out to get attacked by the usos (again just assumptions) before Cena tries to put Bray on his shoulders, but sadly, his leg wont hold up, and Bray will take advantage.

    Speculation is great, because this match will be. DB vs HHH, Cena vs Bray, Shield, There is honestly only one match I am uninterested in at WM at the moment, obviously not including the AJ lee pissbreak.
  19. Of course I am.

    The match will be fantastic, and the promos are already superb. They may be two different styles, but they are both so good that a feud with them is just destined to be great.

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