Do You Want Undertaker To Wrestle At WM This Year? *Poll*

Discussion in 'RAW' started by catlady, Feb 26, 2013.

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  1. The chances of his return have increased since his appearance at a house show last week.
    He may show up next Monday on RAW.
    Do you want him to have a match this year at Wrestle Mania?

    Also, who the heck would he fight!? Punk???
  2. YES!!!! And :pity: i want punk to end the streak, and continue a huge heel run after.
  3. No I'd rather he wait one more year and have a huge retirement match built around him at WrestleMania XXX. I think that would be a much more suitable stage to have his last Wrestling match.
  4. This. :cornette:
  5. Naw have him retire already.
  6. THAT :rock:
  7. I'd have him fight someone this year and then do a retirement thing next year, it's not as if he's getting any younger :/ so having him ready this year and not using him seems a waste.
  8. Yes. A match with CM Punk seems incredibly likely now.
  9. No.

    I haven't seen any videos of him at the house show last week, but I read that he doesn't feel he is at his best, so if that is the case, I'm in favour of him taking a year out to get back to his best, given his age.
    WrestleMania 30 is a good, round number to have his final match, and I wouldn't mind that, as long as it's not a loss to anyone, let alone Cena.

    But after Punk labeled himself as "god" on Raw last night, and the fact that Taker was back for a match last week, it won't surprise me if they quickly work him into an angle and match for Mania this year now. It will be weird to see them throw him in so quickly, but I'd be more surprised now if he doesn't compete this year.
  10. This.

    "The Showcase of the Immortals" shouldn't be taken literally. Gtfo legends.
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  11. I don't care. Until his match with Cena at next year's Mania, I have no interest in anything Taker does (since all we have left for him is a match against Punk & Cena really). His match against Punk this year doesn't do anything for me, but I don't think it's going to be a terrible match like their ones at Breaking Point and Hell In A Cell. The card's already littered with matches I don't really care about, what's one more?
  12. Sure. No harm in a Taker match if he can go, I suppose.
  13. I think Punk and Taker's match this year will be a great match but not enough build-up for it will take place. They should have started building up for it a month ago. Either way, I am almost certain that is what is going to happen. I just hope Taker don't get hurt too badly, or even Punk because they both had surgeries recently.

    Love the new sig by the way. :obama:
  14. Well, their hands were kind of tied here due to the Punk/Rock feud, which really couldn't have been avoided (I suppose). I think with what time they do have left, they can come up with something good, albeit a bit rushed. Which is actually somewhat fine for me (if I was actually watching), the build for End Of An Era lost a lot of steam near the end of it so maybe it'll work out for the better.

    And thanks. I'm probably never changing it.
  15. Voted for "I don't care" - :idontcare:

    1) It's an Ambrose smiley, so naturally I voted for it.
    2) I seriously do not mind either way. If he doesn't appear then #TwiceInALifetime doesn't happen. If he does appear, we get an epic well deserved Taker vs Punk feud which inevitably results in a fantastic Wrestlemania match. I was a hater for the latter at first, but the more I think about it, the more I want to see it.
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  16. I've basically tricked myself into wanting this. I've been watching re-runs of his past returns and i'm pretty amped to see him. I just hope that if he is back, that he's healthy, and not pushing it
  17. voted for idc wm won't be the same without him. i am not happy nor sad. and if he does :yay: if he doesnt :idontcare:
  18. Of course, he's great and a legend for WWE, he has to make history again
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