Do you watch NXT?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Chaz, Jul 8, 2013.

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  1. This pretty much speaks for itself, do you watch NXT?.

    Yep, I watch NXT. It improved a LOT since when it began where it was a show where young talents were being treated like crap. The NXT you see today, however, is actually a show where young talents can develop and round everything up before finally debuting on the main roster.

    Soo.. Once again :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:, do you watch NXT?
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  2. Best show the WWE has going. Haven't missed an episode since the late days of redemption.
  3. just started a few weeks ago, im enjoying it for sure.
  4. Oh yeah. Have to say it's WWE's best TV show going, every week is quality.
  5. On and off as with work, life and RAW taking most of my week its a struggle to fit it in '. If i get chance yes as it is the superior WWE program by far.
  6. Every Thursday,it's one of the wrestling shows I look forward to the most,the main one being TNA of course.
  7. Nope. I thought about getting into it and I even watched the May 2nd episode (Jericho/Wyatt was the main event) but I decided not to pursue viewing any future episodes because at the end of the day, it's never gonna build to anything too important IMO because it's still just the training show and not the main roster that 3 million or so people watch every week.

    Also, I've stated this a couple of times before but it takes a bit of specialness out of seeing certain characters (i.e the Wyatt Family) debut onto the main show if I've already been watching them do their thing for several months over in NXT. I realize it would be still be different since they'd be tangling with folks from the main roster now but still. I want wrestlers and their unique characters (assuming they have a unique character) to be as fresh as possible when they come over and debut onto the main shows.
  8. Yes. Fucking love it, But the last 2 weeks have been shit, They have Bo as champ so it brings it down already and they are having a lot of squash matches recently.
  9. How you can have thought that last weeks episode was bad is beyond me. Everything was good last week. The worst being the Paige match.
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  10. I didnt enjoy it, Its my opinion though.
  11. I try to watch it often, I sometimes forget to, but overall, I try to watch it often and I quite enjoy it.
  12. I was the original NXT fanboy around here, all you other noobs just rode my coattails.

  13. This. So since jumping on his coattails -- yes. :yay:
  14. Fight me. Or join me.
  15. In my opinion NXT is the best show in WWE right now. I watch it every week.
  16. No. I'm too cool for school. :boss:
  17. I pretty much do whenever I can. I catch it entertaining, and only being an hour helps it so much more.
  18. I watch it every week. I really do think it's WWE's best product right now.

    The women (not divas... WOMEN) on the show are treated just as equally as men, same promo time, same match time, etc. instead of RAW/SD's regular bullshit formula they call a "feud", just having women attack each other backstage for some stupid reason, not knowing whether they're heel or face, riding men's coattails and having half-assed 5-10 minute matches. The NXT female roster is by far better than main product and I hope that continues to grow. That tells you a lot when developmental women are better than the "professional" women. :dawg:
  19. Whoops, double post!
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