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  1. I swear we had one of these, but after searching, I couldn't find any. So yeah, this is where we discuss Doctor Who.

    How is everyone finding the new assistant?
  2. Really really hot and I want to marry her.
  3. I love Clara! She's sweet, witty, and brave. I think she's a great compliment to Eleven in terms of his personality and she's a mystery he's interested in solving. If it wasn't for her and how mysterious she is, he might not have come back to solving the mysteries of the world and saving whatever happens to need salvation.
  4. I'm enjoying her so far, I do find Karen Gillan far more attractive but i'm glad we don't have. "You and Rory are meant to be together" episodes anymore.
  5. I thought Karen was hot, but she was a God awful assistant. Doctor Who literally became a soap-opera around her and Rory. I like that this season is based on figuring out who Claura is, and it seems next episode will be about that (or something about it; saw it in the trailer). I don't like her lack of emotions though, but I'm presuming that might be because of who/what she is, and not just bad acting. If it is just bad acting, then it takes the realism out of it.
  6. Really liking the new episodes quite alot, really like the new companion. I did prefer Karen Gillan and Billie Piper as companions but I think JLC will grow on me. Looking forward to tomorrows episode. :burns:
  7. I suppose all you nerds know who my avatar is? The GOAT villain ofc.
  8. you mean CM Punk is a Dr.Who villain also new episode is good :3
  9. No one replied in time. It was Davros -.-
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  10. Just me who found tonights episode a bit dull?
  11. I've not seen it yet. I better get out of this thread.
  12. I don't get the hype around Dr Who, watched for a brief period back when Billy Piper was the assistant, before David Tennant or however you spell it. It all seems so, random to me and it always seems like the Darlics are the bad guys, I wouldn't mind getting into it while BB is off to pass time but I would probably be lost, has it picked up since I watched or is it the same stuff? Guess it might just, not be for me.
  13. Dude, if you're going to get into Doctor Who, watch it from the beginning of David Tennant to the end. He is hands down the best Doctor ever, and the writers were insane then. Both have changed since.

    "The End Of Time" episode(s) are simply in-cre-di-ble.
  14. This show is incredibly popular, and I have never seen an episode. I barely know what it's about.
  15. I watched the odd ep when he was Doctor, like the one when Billy Piper(someone tell me her name on the show) got separated in a different dimension or something, and the one with the Cyber robots or men or squids, can't remember that well. Either way though I didn't really get what was happening, presuming it was just me not watching other episodes though.

    Want you to know if I do start watching, as soon as BB comes back I'm stopping. I'm exclusively a one show man. Except Walking Dead maybe, and this if I really like it. :dawg:

    But I refuse to prefer it to Breaking Bad, no matter if it is actually better.:tough:
  16. Rose Tyler.
  17. Basically, "The Doctor" (no one knows his real name, not even us) is a Time Lord. Oldest race in the universe. He has a TARDIS (space ship) that travels through time and space, and yeah, the show writes itself with that basically. Comes across various good and bad "aliens" and has to save the world etc. The Doctor is basically a genius, and saves worlds by never carrying a gun, or firing one, but simply uses a sonic screwdriver that can lock/unlock doors. I honestly don't advise using the last few seasons to get into it, but actually starting from when David Tennant started.

    With The Master, and the returning Time Lords. There are so many good episodes with David's run though. Like the first trilogy with The Master, and the one where the 24 planets were aligned (Daleks one, with lots of returning characters [Rose, Martha, Smith, Jack etc]).

    Can't compare it to BB. I mean, during David's run, I could put it on the same level as BB, but not the current ones. It's hard to compare due to one being a excellently written show that is completely realistic, and the other being completely Sci-Fi.
  18. I usually enjoy Matt Smith's portrayal tbh, he's got a youthful energy to him which is still a nice change of pace. He feels like his portrayal is a younger version of Tennants if that makes sense, although when they kept bouncing back to I wear X, X is cool it was annoying (fortunately that seems to have stopped this season from my memory) the ghost hunter episode last week was pretty good.

    Show Spoiler
    I liked the women being a stuck time traveller who was related to that woman for some reason, it has a logic to it and why she could save her. How the Dr worked out the monster's were in love and he just wanted to be reunited with the one in the house was a nice showing of his inexperience I mentioned earlier, it's like his regeneration put him back on a learning curve with the differing portrayals.

    not a major spoiler which ruins anything but it happened this week (open)
    Clara read the Dr's name in a book in his tardis library, she never revealed it though
  19. I like Matt Smith a lot as well, I just dislike which direction the show has gone in. It seems much more about comedy than it does seriousness most of the time, and the writers don't seem to have anything on the ones before. They seem to emphasise much more on his assistants, than him himself. Also the writers have this fetish for having the whole season be about the final 1 or 2 episodes, and sometimes that is great, but it's overkill. With previous Doctor Who writers, they did things like subtle hints (bad wolf, Saxon, etc) regarding to big storylines, but not making the other episodes feel like filler.

    I'm still a huge Doctor Who fan, and enjoy the show, but I can't help compare it to Tennant's reign of awesomeness.
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