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Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Crayo, Sep 1, 2012.

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  1. Anyone watch the new episode? @[Lacky] did (my ultimate TV broski), and I did, and I loved it. It was a great episode, and a great new direction for the Doctor vs Dalek lifelong feud.
  2. Yeah I just watched it on Iplayer on the tablet, loved the episode It was awesome, and I agree I wonder where they will go from here with the daleks not remember him. :otunga:
  3. Will watch tomorrow.
  4. Oh for fucks sake, even made a note to remind myself and I still missed it.

  5. Damn, Seabs does this mean you're a fag?
  6. Probably. Also what happened to the word filter lol?
  7. Lol'd quite hard at that, but gained my 99% respect back for you.

    What's your all time favourite episode of Doctor Who?

    Think "the end of time" would be mine, that was beautifully put together.
  8. Yeah "The End of time" is my favourite on the basis that The Master is my favourite Doctor Who character, and John Simm portrays him like a :boss1:
  9. Said the exact same thing to Blank earlier, he's my favourite villain. It's hard to beat the daleks but he played it so beautifully.
  10. I agree, Crayo I've come to the conclusion we're virtual forum twins. It seem's we like everything the same. Except you're a Manchester United Fan & I'm City. :Notsure:
  11. Dw I'll convert you, then we can cyber. :shock:
  12. No one will convert me! :dawg:
  13. What if I say pwetty pwease?
  14. I say OH' HELL NO! (Randy Style) & then get my Dalek buddies on you!
  15. Implying I'm not chilling on Galafray (spelled wrong) with my time lord broskis. Wow, I just realised how nerdy that sounds lmao.
  16. Chilling with your broskis?

  17. i think ill save up all the episodes from this series and have a doctor who orgy with all the episodes later
  18. [​IMG]

    Blue arrow is pointed at me.
  19. Crayo stop making faces so we can take a good picture for once.
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