Doctors and Nurses are screwed

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  1. So apparently, the U-S of frickin A is at it again with vaccines. Now they are trying to pass a law where if a nurse or doctor doesn't get a flu vaccine, they will be future endeavored. What next? They will make it legal for schools to deny your kids if they aren't up to date on their 1,386 shots? Oh wait... Never mind. I'm sorry but this is suposta be land of the free and if I or anyone else don't want to be injected with mercury, chlorine, fluoride and aborted baby fetuses THAT IS OUR F'IN RIGHT! So when it comes to forcing medical crap on people....

    :finger: YOU AMERICA.
  2. I understand for nurses and stuff because my sister is the head nurse at the Toledo Hospital and quite frankly the filth that comes in through that place requires multiple shots and tests a month. This is just an example but my sister was tending to a woman who was in a home for disability and she can not move very well and needs to be turned and washed. When my sister turned her she had a hole in her buttocks the size of a golf ball oozing out. Also the crackheads she tells me about are always coming back testing positive for aids and during surgery they have to touch these people. It's scary but as far as the common folk like you and I, i agree. Keep that needle to yoself ninja
  3. Told you last night. :smug:
  4. mercury, chlorine, fluoride and aborted baby fetuses

    Well injecting someone with mercury, chlorine or fluoride would kill them, and aborted baby fetus', what? That's just absurd.
  5. Not in small doses. :pity:

    This is s simple list. I had one with full ingredients but I can't find it.
  6. I know. :okay:

    Its really sad though. People think that the health care system is designed to make people healthy. 75% of it is designed to make money...So what does that mean? They need people to be sick all the time.
  7. Free Health Care over here. :win:
  8. Whoa whoa whoa you say 75% is to make money and not worry about the sick but giving nurse and doctors a shot to help prevent patients with vulnerable immune systems from getting even sicker mandatorly is wrong? Contradicting yourself a little bit and walking a slippery slope
  9. Can't hugely comment as being a UK poster.

    But I do know doctors, surgeons and nurses in the uk are expected to work 20+ hours a day and get so much grief off there patients. No one has any love or appreciation for what they do the hours etc and the NHS is free to the most so we should be thanking these guys so much but we don't. Messed up place the world atm so many ppl crying out and needing help and it's sometimes there but not in ppl's darkest hours sometimes but it becomes a catch 22 they can't do everything for everyone.
  10. I believe that's a common misconception. From what i've been told they take a healthy chunk right out of your paychecks. Am i correct?
  11. True our tax and N.I. pay towards our healthcare it aint perfect.
  12. I thought so. Free is a funny word but it's definitely better than ours. ( US )
  13. For most it probs works out a lot cheaper. The downside being we pay for everyone in a way not just ourselves so it depends how healthy u are.
  14. Flu vaccines are designed to MAKE people sick. There has been research done on them and they do little to nothing to prevent anything. Like the vaccines they give kids and babies... Doctors have proven that they are linked to autism, diabetes, cancer in children, and more!

    Trust me, I look into all this crap because honestly, I don't trust the US government.

    Its like the pill industry... They make a pill to get rid of one symptom but it gives you 5 more, so you need 5 more pills for those new symptoms. All of this has been proven but they wont dare say anything on TV or the news about it. If you want answers, you have to find them. As of now, the answers are still out there because most people rely on the US medical care system. I'm being honest in saying... Its all for the money.
  15. I understand. I was up at MIS a few years ago and I met a few cool canucks and we shat the shit for awhile. We discussed how it's not really free and how it worked. They are the ones that let me know everything about the healthcare system. That's why i had to say something because it's not free persay
  16. I agree and disagree.

    U are out to make money which is why most of ur meds have a 40-50% mark up on there actual production costs. These being meds which help with a lot of problems. I disagree because ppl want to help just not always the ppl in the right at place at the right time.
  17. Well about the flu they give you the strand because the same strand can never effect you again once you have it. That's a fact, and you sound like a conspiracy theorist. To each their own but i won't disagree with you on distrusting the government because i believe they administered aids but for simple things like the flu and stuff I will ensure you it's not what it seems :-)
  18. Yup we have to pay for our addicts etc where as tbh I dunno what happens with addicts in ur system?
  19. Well we have places they can go and get their life turned around which is paid for by our government if your under a certain income. A lot of them opt out and end up in prison where quite honestly most of them just do their time and never quit. They do however offer every chance to get clean while they are in prison and plenty of success cases have been documented. Addicts are addicts though and unless they want to get clean they never will.
  20. See i'm not 100% how our system works but I know that involves methadone and classes then prison and it doesn't seem to work as I see alot of them day in day out and nothing changes. On that front ur success rate seems higher personally don't quote me may be where i live.
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