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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Nouvelle Vague, Oct 7, 2014.

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  1. What are some of your favs? Here is one I really like about UFOs. Great insight into secret us government aircraft testing and other theories .

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  2. Man on wire. It has the wrong subs, but has a 100% rating and is just an incredible documentary.

    The dude walked across the twin towers on a tight rope ffs.
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  3. I'm such a geek when it comes to music and wrestling documentaries. Here are some of my favorites:

    Alter Bridge - The Making Of Blackbird
    Avenged Sevenfold - The Making Of Self-Titled Album
    Stone Sour - The Making Of Audio Secrecy
    Foo Fighters - Back And Forth
    30 Seconds To Mars - Artifact
    Dave Grohl - Sound City
    Edge - You Think You Know Me? The Story Of Edge
    CM Punk - Best In The World
    Ladies And Gentleman, My Name Is Paul Heyman

    Can't think of any others, atm. But these right here are my favorites!

  4. Tinfoil hats ftw. Most of those are great if only for the sake of what obscure things are left out of the media/seeing how much bullshit the media promotes in the first few hours to get the viewers. I would put some Brendan Hunt stuff up, but dude is kicked the fuck out of youtube atm for some petty Sandy Hook battle. I love me some cheap drama, but he has a couple dank documentaries (specifically the Cobain murder...5 1/2 hours long but so good)
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  5. I like this thread..
    am a big fan of all the behind the music from VH1 mini documentaries.

    This one cracks me up it's a spoof off it from the band Steel Panther which is a comedic mock 80s heavy hair metal band.
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  6. Hoop Dreams, The Cove, Blackfish, Spellbound, The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, Super-Size Me, Michael Jackson's This Is It, Any BBC Nature Docs (Planet Earth, Blue Planet, Frozen Planet, Galapagos, Life, Human Planet).. any Disneynature Doc (Earth, Oceans, Chimpanzee, Bears, African Cats, The Crimson WIng, Wings of Life)
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  7. Can we just talk about how awesome Steel Panther is?
  8. They totally reek of awesomeness.

  9. Really interesting series comparing American society to Scandinavian society in various ways (this particular episode on the prison system).
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  10. American Boy: A Profile of Steven Prince is a 1978 documentary directed by Martin Scorsese. Its subject is Scorsese's friend Steven Prince, best known for his small role as Easy Andy, the gun salesman in Taxi Driver. Prince is a raconteur telling stories about his life as an ex drug addict and road manager for Neil Diamond. Really fascinating,funny and haunting doc.
  11. Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways is a must-see documentary. Go check it!

  12. My coworker Andy just released his documentary, Faithful until Death on youtube. It's a documentary on the Swedish straight edge and hardcore scene.
    Real interesting watch. English subtitles are available.
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  13. One I watched recently on Netflix was Blackfish. Very sad but great doc.
  14. It's not banned, it's been removed a few times.

    A few people have already debunked parts of it, including most importantly the lineup of police footage in the 20ish minute timeline that is incorrect. The police time footage is 1min 20 seconds off, and is proven in other youtube videos when aligned with the other police dash cam's done.

    I do like a few of the users who did it, but there is a lot of nonsense involved in the documentary - and most importantly - a TON of shit left out on purpose. It's decent but certainly not the bible of hoax documentaries. I would recommend it to anyone new and interested, but not to anyone who has paid attention to it over the last two years. After watching this, fact checking every aspect is a must.
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