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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jan 25, 2014.

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  1. I've been watching documentaries on YT lately because... I honestly have no idea why. I'll post interesting ones I come across ITT

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  2. I'm sure this is to be expected, but i tear through documentaries and conspiracy theory stuff on the regular. Anything TeamWakeEmUp or Mark Howitt is pretty damn entertaining for me, however, i do get down on the serial killer profiling documentaries and lately the documentaries on Aliens and other crazy deals. At the very least i get a good laugh or two while sifting through the bullshit.
  3. I'll watch a doc. on most anything. I just like to absorb as much as I can while accepting the fact that everyone making a documentary is ultimately pushing some sort of agenda.
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  4. Documentaries and sports are what I use TV/Netflix or anything like that for. It's my preferred type of shows.Any subject really, sports, games you name it. I love history docs

    Really enjoyed the Indy game movie for any game interested people.
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  5. That is something i wish more people were open to understanding when watching them to be honest. Most of my buddies are like that also, which makes for good debates, and usually ends up with people on both sides of the argument shitting on the person who knows next to nothing, but is still pushing their agenda as if they do know.

    The serial killer documentaries, however, don't really have as much of an agenda, thankfully.
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  6. Super Size Me was probably one of the most disgusting documentaries I've seen in my life.. And I've seen some sick shit.
  7. the company is...2 player productions, and they have a few really good ones IMO. They have one out from late December that is free at the moment.
  8. It was agenda pushing at bowling for columbine proportions.
  9. I saw that cannibal warlord thing a few months back. Vice is a great channel, love their stuff.
  10. I loved Justin Bieber: Never Say Never.

    Also, I've seen a few documentaries involving the case of Biggie and Tupac.
  11. I tend to dig history ones, especially ancient Egypt. Also historic animals such as Titanaboa and Megladon.
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  12. Trailer Park Boys, probably one of the best documentaries ever :emoji_slight_smile: lol
  13. Serial killer documentaries are so repetitive. Some normal dude in his mid 40s who was raped as a kid secretly rapes and murders women/children. rinse, repeat.
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  14. I watched some shit on Titanaboa the other day. I'd rather hit up some Megladon ones honestly, that's a bad mofo.

    But yea, anything to do with animals is cheap entertainment
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  15. Titanaboa really interested me just for how recent it's discovery was. Megladons are beastly though, they both remind me of movies (anaconda and jaws) and just thinking that horror shit existed is interesting to me. Also the mermaids one was pretty intriguing for how out there it was. It's more fantasy than documentary but still.
  16. Of course, love Ricky. I've seen most of the 30 for 30s. My favorites were the Tale of Two Escobars and The Miami Football one. Tons of great docs. though
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  17. Sticky Ricky, one of the most memorable faces in the NFL of my lifetime. He's a hell of a model for how marijuana did not mess with his gameplay.
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  18. The best animal docs are killer whale docs. They are fucking awesome. If you can find it (its on Netflix) watch Blackfish. Its talking about Killer whales kept in captivity and how shitty it is. and how they go postal and fuck trainers up lol. they are so damn smart, love learning about them.
  19. Honestly probably helped his game if anything. I know I play ball a lot better stoned.
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