Does a good crowd help make a 5 star match?

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  1. Would Cena/Punk at MITB 2011 been as good without that amazing crowd. Does a hot crowd get you into the match. Or would the match be the same?
  2. I think it helps a lot and gets you in the match, matches with a silent crowd would totally suck imo
  3. It definitely helps. Arguably, any 5 star match should get a loud crowd reaction because of how good it is, but if the crowd is exceptionally hot then it does help you.
  4. it does for me (eg. WM) if the crowd is really loud i enjoy the match more
  5. It does help, but not as much as a great build/storyline going into a match... which usually in turn makes the crowd very hot for it like at MITB 2011.
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  6. It's a relevant factor, yes. When the crowd is really hot it makes the match a lot more exciting to watch.
  7. This.

    I can't help but think I rank Regal/Ohno too low on the MOTYC thread because of the NXT crowd. Punk and Undertaker's match wasn't as good a quality match overall, but the crowd, the story and the general excitement I felt watching it far surpassed Regal and Ohno's match. Whether that is fair or not is up for debate I guess.
  8. The story? No fucking way mate.
  9. The story was pretty good - especially the last Raw before. Certainly made me care a lot more for that match than the Regal/Ohno match.
  10. A good/great crowd can make or kill a great show, so I would have to think it goes for matches as well.

    The way a match is told, it plays up a lot according to how the crowd reacts to it. A lot of the memorable moments or 'spots' in matches work on the basis of trying to purposefully elicit a reaction from the crowd.

    Imagine those moments when someone goes for the pin and there's always the chance that it's the end of the match, and as the referee counts the dramatic count, the crowd counts it along with him (1.... 2....) Moments like that add more to a match than most think. Picture that same dramatic count happening without a crowd there. Imagine the spot where a guy puts another guy in the corner, then stands on the second rope and does the traditional ten punches in a row while the crowd counts along, purposefully pausing before the tenth. Imagine Hulk Hogan's traditional "arm raising before it drops the third time" spot. Or even just his Hulking Up. Hogan's whole gist as far as his comebacks go was based on absorbing the emotion from the crowd. I could come up a hundred other examples.

    I don't know the exact proportion crowd reaction plays in making a match five stars but it's hard to imagine any 5 star match where the crowd wasn't into it.
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  11. I'm strictly talking about the story being told in the match/match psychology. But hell, even if we are talking build, give me Ohno/Regal over Punk/Taker. Punk/Taker was weak build for me, but I understand Punk fans got off on him rubbing fake ashes on himself.

    Student/Mentor storyline >> oh hey I'm going to make fun of you because Paul Bearer died
  12. Punk / Taker was structured horribly IMO, they had the right idea with Punk pushing taker to be disqualified but didn't run with it. You don't end it on a DQ but build to atleast.

  13. It was a very typical WWE match without much of a story being told. Just both guys exchanging signature moves building towards the finisher fest at the end. The 'storyline' was Punk doing everything he could to break the streak, which is the same 'psychology' used at any WM Taker match these days.
  14. The NXT crowd were horrible for the Regal/Ohno match but the story told was great plus the background for the match of student/mentor was intriguing,never saw Mania as the card was just meh but knew Taker/punk would be just a finisher fest which happens way too much in wwe.
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