Backlash Does Aj Styles win at Backlash?

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  1. Hell yea! He is Aj syles

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  2. No Ambrose will retain the tilte

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  3. DQ - Draw

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    It's kind of amazing that AJ Styles has been in WWE for less than eight months and his first reign as WWE World Champion already seems long overdue. Despite concerns that his character and style would be watered down in the world's largest wrestling promotion, he's continued to be the sport's MVP, just as he was last year. I'm going to go with Dean Ambrose why? Because the WWE Creative team are fucking idiots that's why..... Ambrose since he has won the tile just seems real stale and bland to me I don't see that Lunatic fringe that was facing Lesnar earlier this year It's like his drive has dropped for what ever reason is he too chill as the champ IDK and his ring work has gotten lazy. But leave it to WWE and he will retain...However I want AJ to win but Will he is the question.....?
  2. Styles has been doing the same shit for years bro, overrated as fuck
  3. Still doesn't take away that he is a 5 Star performer most of the time I'd admit he could use some new moves change his swag a little bit but I think we will see a new AJ come out when he finally becomes WWE Champion
  4. 5 star by who that fag meltzer?
  5. LOL so do you want Ambrose to win?
  6. Do not care about ambrose at all but this dick sucking of AJ has to stop
  7. If you don't mind me asking who is your favorite right now in WWE?
  8. I have no favs as i am no fanboy
  9. So what do you watch it for?
  10. And really your not a fan of anything or anybody? I find that hard to believe I mean you don't have to ball ride but you are a fan of something stop being so uptight loosen up a bit take a load off it's ok to like things
  11. I watch it for the lolz
  12. I fuckin hope so.
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  14. Shut the fuck up mark
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  15. Who is Mark? Mark Calaway?
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  16. [​IMG]
  17. Hell yea! he is Aj syles
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  18. Keeping rimming
  19. I don't play basketball
  20. upload_2016-9-11_14-8-15.jpeg They are just questions people Damn!
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