Does anybody wanna challenge Vince at creative?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by C.M. Shaddix, Mar 1, 2016.

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  1. This is a complaint thread

    That show was god fuck awful, I bet we can all put Raw back on the map if this forum ran the show.
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  4. I don't buy the "we could do it better " argument most of the time. Because while Vince might not put out a product that entertains us complaining on the internet, it is the one that makes him a shit ton of money year round. And that is what matters for Vince.

    Are we really so full of ourselves that we think we could run a multi million business better than the man who made it a global empire?
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  6. Cruiser weight title and Hardcore title would be nice. I feel like the US title and the Intercontinental are the same exact thing
  7. I'll be honest... After reading this headline, I immediately thought "Yeah! Time to rebook Raw!!!"... Got to the opening segment and didn't know what to do with it. Maybe they can put it as the one-hour main event and start the show with action, but the show's still 3 hours and it's impossible to book a good show. Could we do better? From a pure writing standpoint yeah, but it'll still be like a 3/10
  8. Actually...

    -Take the name WWE March Toward Wrestlemania
    -Don't change it to Roadblock

    Boom, the show's better.
  9. Yes :heyman2:
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  10. Love your user title.
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  12. Bray Vs Brock is a perfect mania match....
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  13. You must be pretty fucking naive if you think the fans can run the show better than Vince.. It's a mentality like that is why the entire wrestling business looks down on the IWC... Quit thinking you know more than you do, you don't know shit.
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  14. Lemme try to do this real quick, and just make small changes.

    Open with action. Have the Divas' #1 contender's match open the show, keep this the same (writing "Girls wrestle for 10 minutes for the #1 Contender, ends in a double pin" is good, the match and especially the commentary should have been better)

    I'd cut to the commentators here to set up the show and do their jobs for a change. Talk about "Roadblock", talk about Triple H will be defending his title and will choose his opponent later. Also coming up are Vince McMahon and New Day vs A2J.

    Commercial, come back to a video montage of Triple H highlights from back in the day. Sledgehammer shots, pedigrees, etc. Miz is already in the ring cutting a promo about the Oscars, Show comes out, KO
    punch, leave.

    I'd move the League of Losers vs Lucha Dragons to this spot. Pin Sin Cara this time to kinda build to a Cara heel turn.

    Then the Triple H promo. He boasts for a while about breaking Roman's nose, and while he may miss Wrestlemania and Triple H won't even have to defend the belt then because he owns the damn company and can do what he wants, he said he'll be open to a shot where he announces his challenger at Roadblock... Fandango!!!! He smiles, asks to hit his music, and of course Ambrose comes out. I won't script a full promo here but obviously it ends with Ambrose trying to get a title shot and Triple H laughing it off saying "haha fuck you I can do what I want lol easy wins ftw", An out for revenge for his brother Ambrose punches him in the face and Triple H just walks off.

    For the Subway promo, pick your favorite Diva, have her wear less clothing.

    Neville vs Dolph Ziggler, commentators talk up how Ziggler is still in the running for the IC belt Championship, but Neville has an appearance against NXT Champ Finn Balor this week. Give this match 15/20 minutes, Neville wins clean, backstage they show Triple H watching the celebration when all of a sudden the feed cuts out and Dean Ambrose pops up in an old Shield promo with the camera in the dark room. He's a little spooked before Ambrose wails him from behind with a kendo stick. He strangles Hunter with a chain for a while, but Hunter won't give him the match...

    Social Outcasts promo, Big Show comes out, KO to Slater. Axel runs up, KO. He laughs, walks backstage... and Ryback's music hits and Show looks pissed at him, Ryback doesn't care and walks on down for his match with Rose... Don't change that at all, that was awesome. Bo spends this entire segment doing a victory lap.

    Ambrose vs Lesnar video package, then New Day vs A2J goes on, with New Day winning with RAMPANT shenanigans. Trombone throw into Big E running in from the outside and attacking Jericho, Styles running in and Xavier throwing him out behind the ref's back, they dance, Jericho attacks Woods from behind and dudes just jump him, Day hits their finish on Jericho as AJ is trying to jump back in the ring and clearly looks annoyed at this nonsense. Backstage, Triple H announces that next week on Raw, on the Road to Wrestlemania, there will be a tag team tournament for the #1 contendership with the Usos facing the Dudleys later that night for the last spo-another Ambrose attack. Dean beats him with stuff and yells that he wants his match and he's gonna make sure he gets it later.

    It sounds crazy, but I'd just shorten the length of the Undertaker/Vince segment. This accomplished absolutely nothing, but crowd conditioning is a thing I'm considering with this one. If WWE can create the illusion that segments like this will actually build to something, we may pay attention to the next one.

    Dudleys win clean over the Usos to grab the last spot in the tag tournament. Again, crowd conditioning since it's unfathomable for a match with a stipulation like this to end clean, especially after Sasha/Becky didn't.

    Kevin Owens promo, he trolls like only he can... Big Show's music hits again, he walks out, goes for the big punch, Owens dodges and bounces off the ropes into the chokehold, Show lifts him for the chokeslam and Owens pokes him in the eye, grabs his belt, mocks his taunt, and leaves. Announcers say this could be a match at Roadblock, don't even let us DREAM of this at Wrestlemania.

    Charlotte open challenge, answered by Brie. Charlotte wins. I guess you "could" put the Lana thing in here too if you'd like, having a second Divas' feud on the show sounds like a good idea (although for WM I still want Brie/Steph II)

    Backstage, the Social Outcasts are left laying, scroll right and Ambrose is beating ADR with a chair, Sheamus tries the Brogue from behind but Ambrose dodges, Sheamus hits a wall and busts a 2x4 over his head, dispatches a charging Rusev with a stop-sign, Barrett runs like hell. Ambrose charges after Barrett, they run, Barrett gets in the ring and drops his crown, Ambrose grabs the crown and shoves it in his face, grabs the camera wire and chokes him out and announces he won't let go unless Triple H does what's "best for business" and not letting another injury happen. Go for a ECW vibe with this, even if it winds up being PG. Ambrose rants and raves about how Triple H took out his friend and screwed him over many many times and he's out for blood and vengeance and... Triple H comes out, says "Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it." Ambrose punches him again, but Hunter kicks him in the balls and delivers the same beatdown he did to close the show...
  15. @Solidus see? We got some brains
  16. I know more shit than you know what's best for buisness
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